Monday, November 5, 2012


At home the electric came back on Saturday night and for that we are grateful.
So many families are still without power and many have lost everything.  It is still so sad to see.
I pray every night for all of them.
Our family and friends were so generous during this time and I truly thank them from the heart.
We are getting back to some normalcy around here but the gas shortage will make it hard again.
So please pray that we can all get gas for our cars (and for some their generators) so that those who can go to work CAN go to work.

I haven't done any real sewing to talk about.  I really think I need to make a few quilts for those in need of warmth and comfort.  If anyone knows of a group collecting charity quilts for the Sandy victims please let me know.  Believe me, if I knew I could manage it I would start a group called "Quilts for our Neighbors" and do this.

Please keep our neighbors in your thoughts and prayers!

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Doniene said...

Colleen, so glad things are better for you!!! I too keep praying for the others! If you find a group with quilts let me know. I belong to a group that makes "gift" quilts and we were wondering where to send our current one!