Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Post #2 of the 25 blogs...

Hello and welcome to post 2 of my
25 Blogs 'til Christmas!

While running errands yesterday I went in search of
BUTTONS! make 3 of the Snowmen banners from previous post it would cost around $15 for the buttons for the snowman body!
This year it is all about being frugal - and creative.
You'll see what I did in a minute!

But first the photos of progress on my daughter-in-law's banner.
Here's where we were before I left the house to run those pesky errands.
Making three of these cute Slim the Snowman Banners.
I quilted this first one as the pattern suggested; straight quilting across the short distance 1" apart.
Forgot to take a photo but really like the look.
On to the binding but is a look at how I add 'hangers' to the back.

Cut 3" squares...

Press them into a triangle rights sides together...

Place them on the back TOP...make sure it's the top!...with raw edges matching.
They will then get sewn in with the binding.

For this project I sewed the binding to the back and then brought it around front and machined stitched it to the front.  Normally I would sew the binding to the front and then hand stitch it down on the back but for a seasonal item like this...quick and easy does the trick!

Here's a little binding tip you might already do.

I leave about 15" - 18" open between the endings of the binding.
To make this easier to finish the ends I like to pin up the 'slack' in between the sewn ends so that I don't have to struggle with it while sewing.
It's a little thing but that kind of excess bulk hanging out drives me a little bonkers.
(Sort of like the way I feel when turning fabric tubes... it makes me nauseous!)

So here is the banner with the binding in place and all the appliques cut out and ready to hand sew on...minus the scarf...have to dig for my red wool.

 For the large buttons I cut out 1" black wool circles and will applique them down.
Maybe there will be little snowflake buttons sewn in the center of these 
(there are a lot of little snowflake buttons in my button box).
Love the idea of using the snaps for the eyes and mouth...and a lot less expensive than buttons!!!

The plan is to set this aside for the hand sewing to be done while sitting a watching some sappy Christmas movie...addicted to those!  LOL

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Happy Sewing!


judyquilts said...

Some good ideas there. Now, if I can just remember them.

jill said...

I love the snowman banner even more. I think the wool appliques are such a better idea. Love the tip about the hangers, I never thought of that. I will certainly be careful as I would put them on the bottom.

blessings, jill

sandy quilts said...

Yay! I can read it now!! I love the snowman!!

pizzaeater said...

I saw this in the magazine and I like your version better. I was going to make one. Now I am going to make the background different and maybe not add buttons either.

Deb said...

That's adorable, Colleen. What are the dimensions of the finished banner?

Colleen said...

Happy Thanksgiving ladies!
Thanks for the wonderful comments.
These snowmen are so very cute! I will be working on two more today and then adding the embellishments by hand.
Have a great day however you plan to spend it!

KatieQ said...

I like the idea of using snaps for the eyes and mouth. I never would have thought of that.