Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Post

I feel like I really needed to post today because I won't be able to post on February 29th for another 4 years!
I have two small quilts basted and ready to quilt tomorrow.
Here is one...the February Small Quilt Challenge with Kathleen Tracy.
I missed the finish for February but at least I have it almost complete.
I decided on the floral border.  It really is so cute.
The other one basted and ready is the 12 Days of Christmas from the Temecula Quilt Co.  No photo of that one but will post after I quilt it.

Tomorrow is the first day of March and spring is fast approaching.
The other day I realized that I hadn't set any goals for this year.
Last year the personal goal was to sew everyday...AND I DID!
I had other typical goals; use the stash, don't buy more...and so on...that never works.
Quilters just have to have see want buy it!
Goes without saying, the stash grows quickly!

I have a goal in mind and am sort of excited about it.
Tune in tomorrow when I share it!

Have a great 'extra' day!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Somethin' Scrappy...

We have a challenge in one of my groups for Something exchange.
The rules are to make something...anything...for your Secret Sister out of scraps!
I hope I have enough?  I certainly do!

I started with this pile...

And now I have this done...just a peek...because it's a secret...

I have a little bit more work on this and cannot show any more pics...because it's a secret!
I am not a huge fan of batiks so I couldn't believe that I actually have so many pieces in my stash of scraps.
In addition, I sort of like this combination of really pretty colors (shh!  don't tell my friend Debbie)!

The strips for this part of the scrap project finish at 1".
I will show the rest of the photos when I know the secret is out!

Have a great day and remember to sew...I will!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another UFO...

So this was suppose to be a Valentine's gift for my daughter.  Now it's just another UFO.
That's right, other projects got in the way and this one did not find it's way to completion.
I like the pattern it came from and had this charm pack laying around the sewing room for a few years.
I made a few adjustments to fit what I had on hand and it really is cute for Valentine's Day.
All it needs is to be layered and quilted (I plan to do the decorative applique stitching as quilting for this).
Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to my darling daughter (who really doesn't read this blog)...maybe you'll get this for next year.

From Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts pattern 

On another note, you really need to visit my friend Debbie's blog today.  
Her post is about how she quilted my son's wedding quilt.  Go see it here.
The quilting on this is so wonderful, it made the quilt so much better than it was.
The newlyweds love it too.

Now for a funny Valentine's story.  When my husband (gotta love this guy) and I were out to dinner the other night I told him not to get me flowers this year for Valentine's Day.  They are too expensive and I would prefer 12 cans of my favorite soup.  That's right people, I said soup.
I won't go into the reasons why I want the soup except (aside from the obvious) for the most important one which is that it is the only flavor that NEVER goes on sale like the others.  
His response was "why should I get you anything when all you do for me is make me a card, you don't even bother to go buy one.  You just give me some home made job".
Like I said before ~ gotta love this guy.  This year he is getting a store bought card.  Which means I have more time to sew.  Yup, gotta love a guy that allows you more time to sew.

And, Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogger friends.

Have a wonderful day full and make time to sew...not make cards.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is winter here?

It's chilly outside and there some rain/snow is winter here?
This isn't going to be a big snowstorm today.
Just a little mix with perhaps an inch or so with slippery roads this evening.
That's what the weatherman is saying.

This week I didn't do a lot of sewing, I did sew everyday but not marathon sewing.  Minor small stuff.
I have an awful stiff neck, which now I am realizing is a really stiff shoulder that is causing a lot of pain.
Cannot imaging what I did to aggravate it.  So annoying.

I am participating in the February Small Quilt Challenge with Kathleen Tracy again this month.
Another quilt from her book Prairie Children and their Quilts.

On schedule so far.  Last night while waiting for the husband to bring home pizza I pieced all the squares and after pizza put the rows together.
In the book it is the Broken Dishes Quilt but she encourages you to expand and offered an alternative red and white option with an embroidered heart in the center.  I didn't want to do the heart because I will keep this out all year long.  Loving the red and white.
I hit up my stash of 30's prints and added some shirting scraps and a red/white star scrap for this.
My challenge now is to decide on the borders.
The red inner border is a go but I am thinking of a few others from my stash for the outer.

Decisions...decisions...what's a girl to do?
Top/bottom/left/right?  Not sure.
Or perhaps this other choice...

I think I have narrowed it down to the bottom and the "other choice" seen above...

What do you think?

Have a great Saturday.  I am off to work and then a night in with my sewing machine.

Remember, take time to sew...I do.