Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

A final farewell to 2012
and a welcoming sigh to 2013!

Yes, a welcoming sigh...don't know why
I just feel the need to let out a big sigh.

I am starting the New Year in peace.
Peace in my heart and hope for everyone
to be ~ and stay ~ happy and healthy!
Welcome 2013!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We had a Wonderful Christmas!

I hope your day was wonderful too!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Post #25...THE 200th POST


We had a wonderful dinner out with
our sons and our daughter-in-law
and just got home.

We were sitting right by a window 
overlooking the summertime patio.
There was a beautiful sleigh on the patio
with a couple of live trees in side. 
When it started flurrying the view was
very magical.

As promised I have picked a winner in the giveaway.

The winner is Jennie!
On November 29th Jennie commented on
the 5th post...she said,
"I not only remember the reader's digest trees,
but I taught them to my girl scout troop when my 
daughters were members!  We spray painted them silver and gold
and shook glitter on the wet paint."

I know how much fun you must have had Jennie,
and I know you have that much fun still when
you are spending time with your granddaughters
crafting and sewing!!!
Congratulations Jennie!
The prize...your very own Slim Snowman
made by me!
Please let me know which background color you
would prefer...
Blue, Green, Brown...or perhaps something other color?
You please let me know.

Thank you to all who participated.
I appreciated and enjoyed
reading all the comments!



Sunday, December 23, 2012

Post #24 of the 25 blogs...

Merry day before
the day before

And today is the last day to...

Remember to leave a nice comment
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on my Christmas Eve 200th post!

Post deadline is 11:59 pm tonight (EDT).

Sometime tomorrow I will be
choosing one person's comment from all the
comments posted since the start of the
25 blog posts until Christmas
and my 200th blog
and posting the comment and the
name of the winner of a surprise from me!

Today is filled with last minute sewing and
wrapping and cleaning of course.
The kids come sometime tomorrow!

 Happy last minute doing whatever!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Post #23 of the 25 blogs...

As Christmas Day draws near
I am thinking about my wonderful
life and how blessed I am to
be part of a loving family
and have special friends.

This weekend will be just a little
busy with last minute preparations but
nothing crazy...I like that!

Two gifts to finish...
the mouth on my daughter-in-laws 
Slim Snowman...
the binding on my 
youngest son's quilt...
Uh's snowing in the house...
not really...
playing with picmonkey again!!!

I should be able to finish this tonight while
watching yet another 
Christmas movie on the 
Hallmark Channel...
so addicted to those!

This quilt is a giant disappearing nine-patch.
I started with 18" squares but had to be
careful of the first layout because
the cream fabric with the kanji
is directional and my husband was
very concerned that the
characters always remained in the right
I think my son will be very happy with this quilt.

Have a wonderful weekend and
enjoy all the moments
and sights and sounds of the season!

Happy Gift Wrapping!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post #22 of the 25 blogs...

So much to do but I
couldn't resist...
the pieces were already 
cut out and sitting there...
SEW...I did!

Last night around 10:20 pm
I decided that I couldn't go
one more night without
my very own
Slim Snowman!

By 11:30 I had this...

Okay, he still needs his
mouth and binding
but I have one for me!
(and he was very quiet all mouth!)

I was playing with my photo editing again...
here is a full pic with colors you can see...

Now, it's off to the stores for some errands...

Happy Sewing...for yourself!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Post #21 of the 25 blogs...

Wow, we are getting closer 
everyday to my 200th blog post!
Thank you to all who have followed along so far.
(Hope I am not boring you...LOL)

Last night I finished the quilting on
this little quilt I pieced at the beginning
of the year...

Tonight...the binding!
I want to put it on the dining room (aka sewing) table
with a nice centerpiece for Christmas.
Mostly I have bindings left to do on a few gift items
and then I want to make 
a zippered pouch for my daughter-in-law
and the gifts will be complete.
Then maybe I can make a Slim Snowman for ME!!!

Decorating a little each day.
Maybe we will save the Living Room tree for
Christmas you think the kids would
like to help with that?  Maybe?

So far all that is hanging on this tree is a 
wool sticking that I like a lot and some rusty star candle holder ornaments!

Remember to stop by
for today's Primitive Christmas.
The photos of her home for Christmas are lovely
and oh so festive!

Happy Sewing...and other stuff!

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on my Christmas Eve 200th post!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Post #20 of the 25 blogs...

Today is the day...
I mailed the Christmas Gift Package
to my daughter and her family!
I was stumped by what to send for
my son-in-law and then I remembered
a photo I took of them on a day trip
to Yellowstone back in October.

The frame; metal with moose surrounding
the picture.

My ability to properly print
said photo...

First attempt...printed a nice 
photo on the wrong side of the photo paper...
Second attempt...

So the photo in the frame is the one
printed on the wrong side of the photo paper.

Oh well!  It still looks adorable in the frame.

Sent the Slim Snowman...
I know, love this and need one for me!
My husband saw it hanging when he came home last night
and really liked it too!
And he rarely comments on this stuff.
I will make one for Colleen!!!

Sent off the ornament...
put a homespun hanger on it and
forgot to take a photo.
Here is what it looked like before...

Then I packed a whole bunch of small things from
the dollar store for my grandson...
Coloring books, a calendar,
a hand sanitizing bottle in a little holder
to clip on his a Spiderman case no less!
(my daughter will love that...she is always using this stuff)
Some Christmas candy, two sandwich containers for school;
one "CARS" and one "SPIDERMAN".
And more...he loves all this little stuff and should
have fun opening it all.

We did order and ship some big gifts too.
I think we might be in trouble in about a week...
We shipped this...
Product Details
(note:  that is not my grandson...just and advertisement photo)
SHHHH...don't tell!
Do you think we will get in trouble!
It only goes 5mph...not too bad...
He is going to have fun with this!

Happy Gifting!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Post #19 of the 25 blogs...

It is so hard to believe that Christmas Eve
is one week from today!
Amazing how the time goes
by so quickly...
for the Santa folks...
not the kiddies I am sure!

This weekend was a
busy one with 
getting the house decorations
up and getting to some sewing!

Today I will send a 
package off to my daughter
and her family...

and this guy will be in there!
Finished him last night.
I used a checked homespun
for his scarf...
I know my daughter will like that!
He looks so cute on my back door...
hope I can finish mine for...
oh, New Year's maybe!!! LOL

I also thought the wreath on the front door
looked in need of a finishing touch.
Made this ticking stocking
and added it to the bottom...
Now I like it!

Just a quick reminder that
the Primitive Christmas 
Handwork Blog Hop
is still going on.
Today you can visit
Her post wasn't up as of yet but
I am sure it will be up soon.

Happy Sewing!

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on my Christmas Eve 200th post!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Post #18 of the 25 blogs...

Not too much sewing done yesterday.
We were busy with the
outdoor decorating.

Those of you who know me well
know that I am
not a fan of the
Great Outdoors!

I enjoy the indoor sports...
like sewing!

Anyway, it was important
to get this done while
my son is visiting...

So the checking of the lights
is always the first task...
all but one strand of the
icicle lights...OUT!
Buy new or say the heck with it...
All but 2 sets of the light nets for
the 5 bushes...OUT!

Buy new or say the heck with it...

So what works...
the two trees in the ugly urns...
not my favs but my husband likes...
OK...put them out there.
Of course my favorite...
Mr. Snowman Bird Feeder!
He stays out all year long but comes
to the front for Winter...

Thought about painting him over the summer
but decided against it.
He is perfect just the way he is!

Quickly made this mesh wreath.
Wasn't too happy at first but
then we decided to go with the
Candy Cane theme for a change and it works...

I pulled out some larger candy canes
and some greens and made a little
thing to hang on the house...
making another one today to hang
on the other side of the window
for balance.

The trees need some more red/white
checkered bows as does the
garland around the door
and then it's done!!!

Now I can get back indoors and SEW!

Happy Decorating!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Post #17 of the 25 blogs...

Hello!  It's sort of late in the day
for me to be blogging.
This morning was a busy one
for me...
appointments...lunch with a dear friend...
decorating outside with my son...
and then...

...we interrupt this post
to bring you a special message...

I am sew excited.
I was following the
12 Days of Moda Christmas
Blog giveaway
on the 11th day...

Yup, that's me...the winner!

Cannot wait for my
Christmas Gift!

It was a fun 12 days
with a lot of wonderful prizes...
and did I mention...
I won one of them!

Okay...this is what I won...

Is that not the coolest...
a red cutting mat.
It sure will match my home color scheme...LOL!
Now I can discard the mat
I purchased in
1973 from Lee Wards
(remember them?)

Thank you Moda!!!

Oh, I did some sewing last night too.
Christmas gifts that I cannot show.
Trust little elf workshop
had fabric flying everywhere...
if only I had a red cutting mat!

Happy Cutting!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post #16 of the 25 blogs...

Today is 12-12-12!
Lots of weddings today...
easy for the husband to remember
the anniversary!

The local news is showing couples
getting married all day today.

Good luck to all of the newlyweds!

For me...I am in LOVE!
Yup, in love...
with bias binding that is!

I have only done a bias binding
once a number of years ago
and cannot remember liking it.
Well, now I am in LOVE!

A friend showed me how to cut
the binding the other day
and it seemed easier than that last time.
I went home, cut the binding strips,
sewed them together,
sewed it onto my project and...
have I mentioned yet...
I am in LOVE!

I was so excited about it
I actually sewed it to the
back of the project by mistake.
Hand sewing to the front
very carefully so stitches wouldn't show
wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Will I do bias binding in the future...
cannot wait to do it again!


Closet pic before...remember that mess?

The after!

The right hand side is all organized and labeled.
The left side wall will be for Christmas only...
and for hanging wreaths and signs.

The green bins stacked on the left of the 
after photo are Christmas bins that 
my son (who is visiting the rest of the week)
will bring upstairs for me
to finish decorating for Christmas.

More views from inside the Holiday closet...

The rest of the trees need to come out too...
and the stack of crates with some more
There was a lot of trash...believe me!

Happy Stitching and decorating!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Post #15 of the 25 blogs...

I most certainly hope everyone had
a wonderful weekend...
and a sew productive one too!

I know I did...
But first let me warn you of something
that happened about 7:30 am today...
The telephone rang and I ran
and picked it up thinking it was 
my husband.
Nope, it was some guy
...from who knows where...
he knew my name and everything!
Stated that my Windows Operating System
has a glitch and he needs to
assist me in fixing this issue
because he can see my computer
may have been compromised
and downloaded a virus!
I asked for his name, company name and
an 800 number I could call him
back at since the connection 
was bad.
He said I should tell him when would be 
a more convenient time for him to call
me back and again
I asked for the above info and then...
he hung up!
Remember...ask the right questions
before giving any information out over the phone!!!

Now, on to my good stuff...
The Slim Snowmen are
coming along nicely.
A few finishing touches 
on the first one and the second one
is ready to be built...
Tonight I can stitch down
his scarf and add the snaps
for his mouth...
Then he will soon have a 
flaky friend...

I also made this cute table topper
for a special someone...

"Peppermint Wheel"

Well, that's about it for me!
More to come...

Happy Stitching!


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Friday, December 7, 2012

Post #14 of the 25 Blogs...

Couldn't resist...had to do it!

Here is my version of
the Homespun Christmas Tree

It still needs a rusty star on top.
Oh, comes Uncle Sam
to the rescue.
(Not really - Sam, that star is too small)
I have some rusty stars somewhere.
This was a fun project and
Christine's tutorial was easy to follow.

And if when I do this again...
I will do a better job being more consistent 
with the wrapping
(there are some that would say I am not 
wrapped to tightly myself so it doesn't matter ~ 
but I can see that the bottom half of the strips are 
wrapped tighter than the top)
Make sure not to wear a sweater because there 
are a lot of strings flying as you make this  
(I wore my crafting shirt ~ it's an old Halloween t-shirt with a witches hat on it)
I will NOT pick up the glue and put it to my mouth assuming it was my 
delicious cup of Hazelnut coffee
(glue - yucky...hazelnut - yummy!  
There is a difference)
One thing I did while making this was to put a 
piece of fabric on the bottom

When I was about 3/4 of the way down the cone 
I stopped and added this to the bottom.

After completing this there were some 
scrappy strips of  homespun left over.
What's a girl to do...
I made this...
...adorable little homespun ornament!
For my daughter ~ 
I like to make them ornaments every year.
My husband came home and 
I honestly thought his
reaction would be 
"what the H E double 2 sticks is that"
but surprisingly enough 
he thought it was very cool.
He asked to pick it up and when he did he was
amazed that it didn't weigh too much.

Now...I still have enough strips cut to make another ornament.

But that's for another day!

I had a very productive day off.
Made the above items
Cleaned (just a little...LOL)
Prepared some hand sewing for the weekend
Ran my errands.

Happy Sewing, stripping and crafting!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post #13 of the 25 blogs...

Yet more thing I must make...
maybe 2016...LOL!

Here is the 
for this adorable little 
Homespun Tree!

BUT WAIT...there's more!
This blogger...
Preferably Prim
Updated this tutorial just the other day.
Now she has a tutorial
for a similar tree in
(hot item right now!)
2020 perhaps...!

So hop on over to her blog for
some fun 'prim' ideas!

I guess I am really into
Christmas Trees
this year!

That's all for today folks...
I have the day off and a ton
of things to do around
the house.

Happy Stitching!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Post #12 of the 25 blogs...

Everyone needs a "Kissing Ball"
at Christmas!

I remember my Mother hanging Mistletoe 
every year around this time.

She would hang it in the passage between
the living room and dining room.
I wish I had it today...
she hung a plastic 50's version of the real stuff...
Wouldn't that be so cool?
I would hang it in my house today if I had it!

But...a substitute would do!
Found this Blog post
with the cutest fabric Mistletoe ever!!!


Great and easy tutorial on the blog link above.

Here's a problem...
why do I find these great
things in December?

No time to make it all...
and then you forget for next year.

Maybe I need to make a
Holiday 2013...14...15...
To Do List today!!!!

Happy Sewing and Smoochin'!

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on my Christmas Eve 200th post!

We had a wonderful re-opening day!
It was fantastic to see so many loyal
customers and quilting friends...
the shop is amazing!
Thank you all for the well wishes!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Post #11 of the 25 blogs...


Here is a copy (couldn't manage a link)
of the email Angie sent
out yesterday to our
wonderful customers announcing

Calverton Sales Floor

TODAY is a big day for us here at Pieceful Quilting. We open our doors in Calverton for the first time. We have definitely missed you this past month and can't wait to see you all. As you know, we've been feverishly working to get the new store in tip top shape. There is, of course still more work to be done and new product will be arriving weekly. But we just can't wait another minute, so come on by and see our new home.

Calverton Sale Room

We are located in the Calverton Commons Shopping center at 4468 Middle Country Road in Calverton. This shop is just 6 miles and 10 minutes from the Riverhead location. It's just west of Milowski's Turkey Farm, JR's Steakhouse and the Bagel and Bean Café. It's a nice little shop with no threat of floods! Our phone number remains the same - 631-727-5909.

While it is an exciting day I am
certain it will be an emotional day too!

It was a lot of hard work for the entire staff, 
family and friends!
But we did it...
and we cannot wait to see
all our quilting friends!

On another note...

don't forget to visit today's entry from

Sew...come visit us at
today if you are in the area
(even if you're not!)
I would love to see you all!


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on my Christmas Eve 200th post!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Post #10 of the 25 Blogs...

Sharing this today!
On the 1st Day of Christmas

This link will take you to the
Moda...the Cutting Table Blog
where they are having their
12 Moda Days of Christmas event!
It starts today.

On another note...
I already told you that I am
a sucker for sappy
Holiday movies.
There is one that I have actually
searched out to see when it is on everyday
since I first saw it on Black Friday.
I have actually 'clicked' into it about
20 times this week while
watching other shows/movies.

Is it that great of a movie?
Here's why...

Movie...not so great...
Quilted wall hanging in a few scenes...

The movie is The March Sisters at Christmas
on Lifetime.
It's not terrible but not one I would
want to watch year after year.

But, oh the little quilt.

I pulled up EQ and worked it out so
I could remember it.
I am calling it
Still in virtual quilt form but someday...
and it should work up quick!

Happy Sewing, Blogging, and Designing!

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on my Christmas Eve 200th post!