Friday, December 7, 2012

Post #14 of the 25 Blogs...

Couldn't resist...had to do it!

Here is my version of
the Homespun Christmas Tree

It still needs a rusty star on top.
Oh, comes Uncle Sam
to the rescue.
(Not really - Sam, that star is too small)
I have some rusty stars somewhere.
This was a fun project and
Christine's tutorial was easy to follow.

And if when I do this again...
I will do a better job being more consistent 
with the wrapping
(there are some that would say I am not 
wrapped to tightly myself so it doesn't matter ~ 
but I can see that the bottom half of the strips are 
wrapped tighter than the top)
Make sure not to wear a sweater because there 
are a lot of strings flying as you make this  
(I wore my crafting shirt ~ it's an old Halloween t-shirt with a witches hat on it)
I will NOT pick up the glue and put it to my mouth assuming it was my 
delicious cup of Hazelnut coffee
(glue - yucky...hazelnut - yummy!  
There is a difference)
One thing I did while making this was to put a 
piece of fabric on the bottom

When I was about 3/4 of the way down the cone 
I stopped and added this to the bottom.

After completing this there were some 
scrappy strips of  homespun left over.
What's a girl to do...
I made this...
...adorable little homespun ornament!
For my daughter ~ 
I like to make them ornaments every year.
My husband came home and 
I honestly thought his
reaction would be 
"what the H E double 2 sticks is that"
but surprisingly enough 
he thought it was very cool.
He asked to pick it up and when he did he was
amazed that it didn't weigh too much.

Now...I still have enough strips cut to make another ornament.

But that's for another day!

I had a very productive day off.
Made the above items
Cleaned (just a little...LOL)
Prepared some hand sewing for the weekend
Ran my errands.

Happy Sewing, stripping and crafting!

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judyquilts said...

Your tree looks great. I am on my way to Columbia today and hope to buy the styrofoam cone to make mine. I liked the burlap one too.

Doniene said...

So, so very cute!!! I'm thinking I want to make some of these! I'll have to look at the tutorial!! Thanks for sharing!! I LOVE Hazelnut coffee!! May go make me a cup right now! I'm caught up on my cleaning and need to get a lap quilt together!!


wr said...

How cute! I don't know how you have time to do all of this! :)))