Monday, December 10, 2012

Post #15 of the 25 blogs...

I most certainly hope everyone had
a wonderful weekend...
and a sew productive one too!

I know I did...
But first let me warn you of something
that happened about 7:30 am today...
The telephone rang and I ran
and picked it up thinking it was 
my husband.
Nope, it was some guy
...from who knows where...
he knew my name and everything!
Stated that my Windows Operating System
has a glitch and he needs to
assist me in fixing this issue
because he can see my computer
may have been compromised
and downloaded a virus!
I asked for his name, company name and
an 800 number I could call him
back at since the connection 
was bad.
He said I should tell him when would be 
a more convenient time for him to call
me back and again
I asked for the above info and then...
he hung up!
Remember...ask the right questions
before giving any information out over the phone!!!

Now, on to my good stuff...
The Slim Snowmen are
coming along nicely.
A few finishing touches 
on the first one and the second one
is ready to be built...
Tonight I can stitch down
his scarf and add the snaps
for his mouth...
Then he will soon have a 
flaky friend...

I also made this cute table topper
for a special someone...

"Peppermint Wheel"

Well, that's about it for me!
More to come...

Happy Stitching!


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Doniene said...

The Slim Snowmen are so, so cute!! Way to go!!