Friday, June 15, 2012

Red, White and BRIGHT!

The Hunter Star Red and White quilt needs another border and then it is ready to quilt.
This will be a class I will teach at the LQS in August so that will have to wait.
Last night I cut strips for a red outer border only to discover
under the light of the sewing machine that they
are definitely two different reds.
I will add the last border when I get the time but for now...
...we look like this!

So, that's the red and white... for the BRIGHT.
Here is what is on my cutting board tonight.

This is for a class being taught by my good friend Alice.
The second half of the class is a week from Tuesday
so I have to complete the strip sets and cut the block units.
The quilt is from the book "Bargello with a Twist"
and will be very pretty, and very bright.
A little out of my comfort level as far as colors go but
I am really looking forward to seeing how it looks when it is done.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Seeing Red and White...

That's right...I finally have some progress in the works on a 
Red and White Hunter's Star Wall Hanging
that I have been working on.
Pulled it out yesterday and finished half of the units
for the 16 blocks needed.
All the other piecing is complete...
I just need to assemble the units and put this puppy together!
Here's a look at the design wall so far...

This is my 'nod' to the Red and White show from last year.
I didn't get to attend but was awestruck by the many 
photos of the amazing quilts.

Have you done a Red and White quilt?

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

...and the winning cornerstone is...

Oh it is sew very exciting...NOT.
Anyway, I picked the one I thought looked best and finished the little quilt top.
The next step will be deciding how to quilt this.
Sew, it will hang on the design wall until I can come up with a great idea.

This little quilt was made as part of Kathleen Tracy's Small Quilt Challenge of the Month (June).
I have tops from January, February and March.
Couldn't find time in April and May but the June quilt was simple and quick.

This is from her book "The Civil War Sewing Circle" and it is called Scrap Squares Doll Quilt.
This little quilt will finish at 17.5" X 22.75".

I was really happy to use some of my Daiwabo fabrics and plan to use them again real soon.

Happy Stitching,

Friday, June 8, 2012


Just so you know, I have been sewing this week. 
I am working on a little project using some fabrics from my
collection of Daiwabo Taupes and Yarn Dyes.

This collection started over 4 years ago.
These fabrics are kept in a separate place from the rest of my stash. *
On Monday the lot was piled on the table and picked through
so that I could have about 14 different pieces for a the little project.

It was a fun process, choosing the fabrics always is.
The one area of confusion was the cornerstones.
Two choices jumped out...

Tune in on Sunday when I reveal the winning cornerstone fabric
and show off the pieced top.

Until then...happy stitching!

* All my favorite fabrics are kept in special places.  Those include the one's above, Civil War Repros,
30's repros, Thimbleberries and Americana/Prim.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Great Quilt Show

As mentioned in a previous post, the ELIQG Show was this past weekend.
The show was wonderful and all the quilts were simply amazing.
I entered my son's wedding quilt into the show.  This was the first time for me entering a quilt.
Here she is hanging in all her glory. (Finally a better picture of this quilt)
I never expected to win a ribbon.  That isn't why I entered the show.
A group of ladies decided last year that we would all enter a quilt this year.
Well, 3 of us did (out of about 12).
All three won ribbons.
My quilt won three ribbons:
Third Place in Large Duet
Judge's Merit for Piecing
A Vendor's Choice

That's kind of neat.  It was also very nice to see your quilt hanging gallery style 
alongside many other amazing quilts.
I really have to thank my friend Debbie (Divine Quilting) for the most amazing quilting 
she did for me on this quilt.
I adore it and so does my son and his wife.
Now that the show is over I can finally let them take this quilt home with them so they can enjoy it.

Will I enter a quilt in a show again?
Happy Sewing,

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Eastern Long Island Quilter's Guild (ELIQG) is hosting their annual quilt show this weekend, 
June 2nd and 3rd.
VERY EXCITED...I always love this show.
Working at the shop today, going to the show tomorrow.

If you are in the area please visit.
Here is the link to the information about the show.

Hope to see you the meantime


Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm Back!

I cannot believe it is June 1st already.  Where does the time fly too anyway?
I have been so out of the loop the past few weeks but I need to get back on track with everything.

My daughter and grandson were here for 9 sleeps...and Pop and Nan need 9 sleeps to recover.
He is a great boy and he is all boy...boy oh boy.
Lots of playing and having fun.
It was great to have them here for so long, longer than originally planned.

A morning at the beach with Pop!  Very cold water...

On Sunday, May 20th my Father-in-law passed away unexpectedly.  This was very sad and my heart broke for my Mother-in-law.  She is such a sweet person and in a nursing home where they take great care of her.
She was so sad and really did not understand.
Because of this my daughter came home on Tuesday instead of the following Saturday.
My sons and daughter-in-law came on Wednesday.
The house was full and somehow this always makes a sad time a little better, especially with a small child.

Yesterday when we dropped my daughter at the airport my husband said it was such a rough two weeks but he was glad to have then here for so long.  I told him to think of their long visit as a final gift from his Dad.
And a special gift it was.  We really enjoyed it.

Now that it is June 1st I have made a realization.  Last year (2011) I made a promise to sew everyday and I did.  This year I have not done that.  So, starting today, June 1, 2012, I once again promise myself to sew everyday.  You really get a lot accomplished that way.

Here's what I finished today.

This is a shop sample and so quick and easy.  Kits are available for this.

Saturday and Sunday is the local guild quilt show...very excited for this.
I entered a quilt in the show.  Not expecting to win a ribbon or anything.  I reached my goal which was to actually enter a quilt in a show for the first time...check that off the bucket list.
This is the quilt I entered.
My son's wedding quilt.

I wish I could take a better photo.  It should be hanging nicely at the show so I will take a photo at that time and then post a nicer pic.

Have a great weekend and enjoy some sewing...