Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Aftermath

Well, it's Wednesday.
Sandy the Hurricane hit us on Monday afternoon.
We lost power around 4pm and are still without as of this point.
Our cell service is out also.
The shop where I work (Pieceful Quilting, Riverhead, NY) was hit hard with flooding.  We had about 2 feet of water come in and there is no electric.  Today the cleaning crews are coming in to start the clean-up.  I hope this doesn't take too long and we can be back in business very soon.
My husband's day job (hair cutters) is closed for a while also.  Trees down everywhere and transformers crashed to the ground.  Hopefully they will also get power back soon so he can go back to work too.
Thankfully my husband's Karate School has power so we can take advantage of that (using the computer there as well as the phone).
Yesterday I loaded up the crock pot with some items from the freezer at home and we brought it to the school and plugged it in to cook all day - results, a nice hot meal last night and saving some food from spoiling.  I'm afraid the rest of whatever is in the freezer and refrigerator is at the spoiling point.
With nothing to do I started washing the windows and will finish them this afternoon while waiting for the Halloween trick or treaters to come by.

I will post some photos when my home computer is up and running - this computer is so archaic it doesn't have the 'slot' for my SID card!

Hope all is well by you!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost Home

I am typing this on my tiny little lap top while I sit a baggage claim at LGA waiting for my husband to pick me up.
I just spent the week in Idaho visiting my daughter and her family.

Since I miss her so much each and every day the visit was wonderful and leaving was painful.

This is downtown Victor, Idaho.
I arrived about the same time as the new puppy...tough competition.

She is cute and really was very well behaved...for the most part!

My daughter and I did some sewing.  We finished the little lap quilt I started her for Halloween.  By the end of the night on Monday it was quilted, bound and in the laundry ready to use this week.
On Saturday we went to a fun Fall Festival at a local nursery.  The nursery was amazing, the hayride was fun and the kids had a great time dressing up in their Halloween costumes.  My grandson was Darth Vader.
Here he is painting a pumpkin.  I will post a full on photo later on.  (Hard to find on this little lap top).
On Sunday we drove to Yellowstone National Park and had a wonderful day.  I will post some photos from that venture later too.  But I can tell you we were up close and personal with a Bison.

We had a great week and as I left this morning they had their first snow of the season.  It wasn't a lot but it did make the drive to the airport a little treacherous...but everyone is safe!

Monday, October 8, 2012


My blog today will center on a missing quilt top.

As many of you know, I work at a local quilt shop; Pieceful Quilting in Riverhead, New York.
As many quilt shop do, we have various Block of the Month programs throughout the year.
One such BOM is Women of Courage from Nancy Gere and Windham Fabrics.
This is a quilt designed by Denice Lipscomb.

This photo doesn't do this quilt justice.  It is a beautiful quilt that measures 98" x 98".

I spent many hours at home cutting and preparing the fabrics for and piecing many of the blocks. With the help of one of my co-workers the piecing was completed and the quilt top was hung in the shop for viewing in early June.
We started the BOM program in September.

Now for the unfortunate part of this story - sometime between September 4, 2012 and September 29, 2012 the quilt top disappeared from the shop.
I am so disheartened and saddened by this. 
Now, the quilt top is gone and I don't have a sample to refer to for the class.
Not to mention that I couldn't wait for the BOM program to end (in 12 months) so I could have this beautiful quilt top quilted and taken home with me.
You see, having done the work on this quilt top sample for the shop, after the program ends this quilt would belong to me.

Please be on the look out for this quilt top and let me know if you see it.
It belongs first to Pieceful Quilting in Riverhead, New York and
second to me.

Thank you,