Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Apron...

Yesterday was a really quiet day for me.  All the house guests had left on Sunday so it was very peaceful on the homestead!  Although I must admit that I do miss my little guy already :(...

My husband was very busy working at the Karate School.  There are still a lot of little things that need to be finished to make it look just right.  Once complete I will take some photos and post them.

Sew I Sewed!  Well, I also spent a few hours organizing in the sewing room.
I made an apron for a class sample.

Sew cute...and reversible!  Great pockets too!

After this I started to make a simple tote to carry those plastic storage boxes (the scrapbook boxes that are 12").  Sometimes I have to carry 2-3 of them to work for classes and it would be so easy to have a tote that 2 fit into at once.  I will post a photo when that is done ~ couldn't finish it ~ hubby came home with some Karate School paperwork that needed to be worked on.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Happy Sewing!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
If you want some background information about the history of Memorial Day head on over to Barbara Brackman's website...just scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link!

It's raining here right now and we are expecting thunderstorms.  We did have three very beautiful days to celebrate with our grandson so rain is okay today.
I am sewing the day away!

Enjoy and sew safe!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Visitors and Quilts...what fun!

Well, my daughter and grandson came on Friday and we had a very busy day.
Picked them up at the airport around 11:30 then headed to my husband's shop to give the little guy a haircut, next lunch at Chili's, shopping at Target and then a few hours at the park.  We finally arrived home around 5pm and he was very tired!
A long day for a little guy and a long day for Nana!
The park was fun but no shade ~ I don't do well in the sun!  I like the shade.
The grass, I had to step on it but that's okay, I was playing with my little guy!

Saturday we went to my niece's Baby Shower ~ nice time with family but MORE SUN!
Man, I have had enough sitting in the sun to last the rest of the summer...TODAY HEADACHE!
My daughter purchased some fabric at the shop Saturday and after the Shower we started a quilt for my grandson.  Finished it today...because she wanted to wash it before they left and bring it home with her.  I called it "Sakari Express".  I embroidered his name on it!

We stayed home today and the little guy ran around the yard and in the sprinkler with Pop!
We had a nice BBQ lunch and then all the kids headed for home.
:(...sad to see them all go. Will not see then again until Labor Day weekend ~ that's when my oldest son gets married!

Here is a photo of my niece with her new quilt.
I also have a very talented Sister-in-law and she crocheted this for the baby.  Notice the block on the bottom right?  There is a cow instead of stars.  She is a cow lady!
Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weekend.
Oh, my daughter made me a very nice table runner and place mats.  I will take a photo of them tomorrow and post for all to see.

Stay safe and sew a little!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I stepped on the grass...

...explanation required!
Those who know me know that I really do not like to step on the grass (or the sand at the beach, etc...).
Now, don't get me wrong ~ I am a country gal, not a city gal ~ just don't like to step on the grass!
Love to look out the window and see beautiful snowfalls, sunny days, even rainy days and yes the green grass and the pretty flowers.

About 2 years ago I asked my husband to pull out or move an azalea bush that never grew.  It drove me crazy because it was sparse and not pretty.
Yesterday I caught a glimpse of something pink outside my office window...so I stood up and took a closer look.  It was that darn azalea bush, in full bloom standing about 5' tall! 
Yup, it sure did grow this year!
Well, I jumped up and ran outside, walked on the wet grass (imagine that) in my flip flops (wet toes, ewey), with my jammies on (yeah, another NEVER in my book) to get a picture of this amazing pink!
Now, I know this is just an azalea bush but it is a beauty!!!

It was a good day for me ~ lots of cleaning and prepping for my family visitors that are coming on Friday...sew excited.
And the baby quilt for the shower gift is all pieced and ready to layer and quilt.
Here are a few photos of this quilt in progress...

The "theme" for the baby's room is Jungle and the colors are green and brown.  I had these fabrics in my stash and was able to adapt the pattern to fit the fabrics.

This is from original pattern I designed on EQ6 called "Raspberry Chocolate Jumble Strips".

That's all for now...Happy Sewing!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two little things...

Birthday "Swap Block" for a friend...this time I choose to make a version of the "Crossroads" block because this friend will be moving shortly to start a new life in Florida.  She will be missed ~ she is always bringing great humor  into the shop!  These fabrics came from my stash and when put together I really like the color combo!
Then ~ I had a class teaching the Lil' Twister (still lovin' that tool) and pulled some scraps at the shop to demo during class.  Decision ~ make a quick little Summertime table mat for my daughter!  She will love this one!

I need to quilt this and bind it.  Won't be adding a top/bottom border ~ I think she will like it just like this.  The colors are so bright and cheerful!

This weekend will be very busy getting the homestead ready for ALL the guests coming for Memorial Day weekend; my daughter and grandson, my youngest who hasn't been home in almost a year, and my oldest son and his fiance.  This is going to be one hopping place.
In the midst of all the preparations a quilt for a Baby Shower next Saturday needs to be started and completed!  Whew!  Wish me luck!  It's a good thing that I...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Three Quilts and a Wedding!

Have I been sewing...absewlutely!
Here is a glimpse of some things I have been working on...
A sample for an upcoming class at the shop.
And then the new BOM "Stitcher's Garden" Block 1.
Here is a photo of some of the fabrics I have collected for this BOM ~ most from my stash but a few I needed to purchase.  I would like to keep this on in the pinks to burgundy family with creamy yellows and greens.
I cannot wait until Month 12 ~ honestly, sew excited about this!
Next is a little topper I started using that good old Lil' Twister I just love sew much.
Calling this one "Twister, Twister".  Planning as I sew on this one. I had these fabrics in my stash ~ The Wizard of Oz collection.
And finally THE WEDDING!
My niece Lara married Fiori on Saturday!  It was a wonderful day and a beautiful wedding!
I wish them all the happiness and blessings life can bring!
I hope every Mother had a special Mother's Day!
Happy Sewing,