Sunday, May 29, 2011

Visitors and Quilts...what fun!

Well, my daughter and grandson came on Friday and we had a very busy day.
Picked them up at the airport around 11:30 then headed to my husband's shop to give the little guy a haircut, next lunch at Chili's, shopping at Target and then a few hours at the park.  We finally arrived home around 5pm and he was very tired!
A long day for a little guy and a long day for Nana!
The park was fun but no shade ~ I don't do well in the sun!  I like the shade.
The grass, I had to step on it but that's okay, I was playing with my little guy!

Saturday we went to my niece's Baby Shower ~ nice time with family but MORE SUN!
Man, I have had enough sitting in the sun to last the rest of the summer...TODAY HEADACHE!
My daughter purchased some fabric at the shop Saturday and after the Shower we started a quilt for my grandson.  Finished it today...because she wanted to wash it before they left and bring it home with her.  I called it "Sakari Express".  I embroidered his name on it!

We stayed home today and the little guy ran around the yard and in the sprinkler with Pop!
We had a nice BBQ lunch and then all the kids headed for home.
:(...sad to see them all go. Will not see then again until Labor Day weekend ~ that's when my oldest son gets married!

Here is a photo of my niece with her new quilt.
I also have a very talented Sister-in-law and she crocheted this for the baby.  Notice the block on the bottom right?  There is a cow instead of stars.  She is a cow lady!
Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weekend.
Oh, my daughter made me a very nice table runner and place mats.  I will take a photo of them tomorrow and post for all to see.

Stay safe and sew a little!

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