Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Apron...

Yesterday was a really quiet day for me.  All the house guests had left on Sunday so it was very peaceful on the homestead!  Although I must admit that I do miss my little guy already :(...

My husband was very busy working at the Karate School.  There are still a lot of little things that need to be finished to make it look just right.  Once complete I will take some photos and post them.

Sew I Sewed!  Well, I also spent a few hours organizing in the sewing room.
I made an apron for a class sample.

Sew cute...and reversible!  Great pockets too!

After this I started to make a simple tote to carry those plastic storage boxes (the scrapbook boxes that are 12").  Sometimes I have to carry 2-3 of them to work for classes and it would be so easy to have a tote that 2 fit into at once.  I will post a photo when that is done ~ couldn't finish it ~ hubby came home with some Karate School paperwork that needed to be worked on.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Happy Sewing!


Jean said...

so cute...how nice that you made an apron for me...lol

sandy quilts said...

I love that apron Colleen! Cute fabric.