Monday, April 9, 2012

I just had to make one of these...

And there will be more to follow!
Being a huge fan of boxes and homespun (I have a ton of both) this project really seemed to come together on it's own.

This is a wonderful project if you are tired and really don't want to sit at the sewing machine or spend time figuring out a pattern and cutting a lot of intricate pieces.

I started with an old paper mache` box and covered it.
Years ago (the 80's) this was something I did all the time.
When I had my shop we made fabric covered 'hat boxes'.

Here's the result.  This one has been 'stained' with coffee.  Maybe it needs to have a little more aging before it is finished?  Yes!
So, this is not done yet...but will be one day soon...after I decide how to finish it.

There are many, MANY more boxes hanging around the house just waiting for some great fabrics to enhance their beauty.  Maybe they won't all be covered but I will try to make an entire set someday.

Happy Sewing (or crafting)!

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter Sunday.

My day was spent at home with my husband.  Quiet but somehow I managed to be in the kitchen most of the afternoon cooking and cleaning up.