Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I cannot believe that it is Halloween and the last day of October!
I enjoy Halloween very much as does my husband…that might explain the $186 he spent on candy yesterday! Yes, that is a 1 in front of the 8! We saw my niece at the store and she was laughing at our cart because she said it looked like a cart the store filled to attract customers to buy the candy. One lady actually started digging through it as we stood there talking. My husband, very protective of his stash said, “Hey, go over there and get your own, they have plenty”! LOL!
I must share my least favorite trickster and my most favorite treater with you ( as I hear a child right now at the door telling my husband…WOW that’s a butt load of great candy…and he just giggles).

My least favorite - a young couple walking around with a Baby, a real little Baby in a stroller no less, who most likely is not on whole food yet let alone candy! The husband stayed at the bottom of the drive with the baby in stroller while the wife made her way to the door with the little plastic pumpkin in hand to “trick or treat” for the baby! Yeah right!

My most favorite treater - a young girl (about 10) dressed as a cow pushing her disabled friend around in a wheelchair, trick or treating for her friend. She pushed that wheelchair up every driveway and through the neighborhood! That’s a friend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I haven't been posting much...

If only I had the time to post on this blog more often!
If only I had the words to post more often
If only I had the time to sew more!
If only I had thought to title this blog...if only!
At any rate, I have been busy at work teaching AND taking classes.
There is sew much to do...and sew little time to do it in!
The owner has gone off to Quilt Market today which means we have some great new products to look forward to...YIPPEE!
I am working on the following:
My "Fall Banner" - needs to be quilted.
"Hanging Gardens" - needs to be assembled and then quilted.  This is looking really nice.  A departure for me - pastel and floral!
A little "Mini" I designed - deciding on fabrics to use.
And, I did finish very first pin cushion!  Joined a pin cushion challenge on the QWU site and here is the result.

That's all for now...hope to sew more soon!
Happy sewing!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A little Halloween decorating

...And I do mean a little!  This is about all the decorating I have gotten done so far.  Hopefully this weekend we will go out for our pumpkins, hay, etc...
I still need to add some goodies to the mantle but I love getting the mantle scarf up!  Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays to decorate for.
I am stuck on making a bunch of Halloween/Fall things this year but I really need to FINISH THEM!!!
I designed and made this mantle scarf about 5 years ago, it is one of my prize possessions!

There will be more to come, hopefully by next week!
Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A little gift for my daughter...

This week I visited my daughter and grandson in Maryland.  She mentioned that she couldn't get to all her decorations because they are stored so far back in the crawl space.  They are preparing to put their house on the market and removing all signs of real know, the personal stuff all the "house for sale" shows tell you to remove because no one will buy your house if they see your wedding picture!!!  HAHA
What happened to the days when you went to see a house for sale and actually IMAGINED what it will look like when YOU added YOUR personal touch!
Anyway, I started this for her last night.  Just have to back it and quilt it and bind it!

Halloween Candle Mat
I know that she will like it!  I am also working  on a door knob hanger for her.  I will need to finish that too.  Hopefully I can have my husband get this stuff into the mail by Wednesday!!!

That's all for now...HAPPY SEWING!