Friday, January 16, 2015

2 weeks into the New Year already!

While I still make an attempt to sew everyday,
last year I was not as successful as the year prior.
Oh, I sewed a lot but not EVERYDAY.
This year I set that goal again and 2 weeks in we are doing great!

I love the activity of sewing.
A friend mentioned that I have a lot of unfinished tops
and that is true.
The reality is that I could sit and sew all day long just for
the activity of sewing.
I find it to be the best therapy there is.

My January plan was to make hour glass blocks.
4 per day...

56 so far...

4 to square up from yesterday makes 60.

And, yesterday I think I found a pattern that will work for these.
More on that when the time is right.

Another project from recent sewing is this.

I need to add the borders and this one will be...another top!!!
I call this one "Painted Mountains" because I used a
Fat Quarter Bundle of Laundry Basket Quilts Paint Box Collection.

Maybe I should start thinking about a new goal...
I'll think about that one...someday.

Happy Sewing,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a New Year!

Happy New Year to all!
It's been almost a year since I last posted anything on my little blog.
Promising myself to post (or at least add pictures) this year so here I am.

On New Year's Eve I like to start on a Christmas/Holiday quilt before packing away 
my stash of holiday fabrics.  
This is the choice of pattern and fabrics for this year's NYE quilt.

I cut out all the pieces and made a few changes to the cutting instructions as I went along.
Started around 9:30 pm and finished one block (minus the snowman face) before I went to bed around 11:00 pm.  Didn't stay up to ring in the New Year, too tired!

I also pieced the other 12 half-square triangles and all the border strip sets.

Perhaps tonight I can get another block done.
The blocks are 16" so I am thinking of adding additional sashing in
between each block and a larger border for a nice size wall hanging for next year.
Will have to see what I have in the stash that would work.

That's all for now...
And this year I want to sew everyday!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Sewing time...

...ya' know...
Snow Day = Sew Day
in my book!
To be honest, every day is a Sew Day
but we did have a Snow Day too!

Here's what the scene just outside my window looked like around 10 this morning.
I stayed inside and kept warm.
Yesterday we also had flurries and nasty weather all day long.
After running some errands I did some sewing.

 First I finished sewing  the two halves of that little hexie table topper from the previous post,
sorry, no photo of that.

Then I pulled out the flannel blocks I was working on before the Holidays.
Finished sewing up 88 blocks for a queen size quilt for ME!
That's right, this will be for my bed next winter.
After that I pulled out a little quilt I started working on in the spring.
After finishing the piecing of the blocks I did the trimming...
...lots of trimming!
This is a close-up of the fabrics/blocks.
A friend gave me the monkey fabric...
long story about that so I won't bore you.

The pattern is based on one we did in the shop 2 years ago.
I had to make some changes based on the yardage I had
of the monkey fabric but I think this is a fun one.
The rows are almost together now and then I will need a border.
Don't know what it is but I have a really hard time going the
no border route on my quilts.

And there was also a little piecing of some strips for another
project that is actually for a gift for my sister-in-law.
I need to now quilt these strips before making this into
a tote for her knitting.  The pocket on the front will be a really
cute embroidery design.  She carries her knitting in a plastic bag so I 
know this is the perfect gift for her!

I will post more photos of the tote when it is complete!

Okay, so nothing was actually finished this time but a lot was accomplished...
I feel good!

Happily Sewing, while this guy (my husband) shoveled us out!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year...

...and another top!

Yesterday, on the last day of 2013 I finished another top (again, not quilted).

This one started, per my notes, in May of 2011.
Here is the EQ version...

and the version I sewed together...

along with a close-up...

and now it is ready to quilt.  
No promises but I am envisioning some embroidery in the solid blocks.

Then I pulled out my Hex n' More ruler.
(we sell this in the shop)

I played a little... 
this might make a cute little Valentine's Day table topper.
I still have to sew the two halves together but it went together
very fast!

And that is how I celebrated ringing in the New Year...
does it count if I was in bed sound asleep by 11:00 pm?

Happy New Year to you all!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Finished a top...'s a small one but the top is done!

Using this pattern from Lazy Girl Designs ~ Confetti
and the Lazy Angle Ruler...
(we sell the ruler and the patterns at our shop)
The pattern is charm pack friendly but I decided to use
some of my 30's repro collection for it.

I started this little top about 2 years ago, pulled
it out of hiding and finished it up yesterday!

The next step will be to quilt it!
I added borders to mine.
The borders added to the size (42x42) which makes it a good size for baby
OR a table topper...undecided...but Spring should come in 
about 3 months!

So, this starts me on my New Year's Eve project.
Tomorrow will be a day of digging through some (not sure there's time for ALL) of my works in progress and getting them in order to work on (and hopefully finish) them throughout the new year!

Wish me luck...I will post pics New Year's Day!

I might even finish another small top on New Year's Eve as we ring in the New Year!

Happy Sewing,