Monday, September 23, 2013

Sewing September 17, 18, 19, 20, and 22

That's right...there was no sewing on September 21st!
That day was reserved for the walk...
although I did quickly sew up three more
travel tissue packet pockets because I 
thought we might run short of them at the walk.

My sister and I made about 48 of them to give to all the family and friends
that participated in the walk on Sunday.
I will post a photo of them when I have one to show.

NOW back to what I've been sewing...
What I did was to start pulling out some of
my WIP Halloween and Fall projects to finish.

All of these have now reached the point where they are ready to quilt...
This FALL wall hanging has some really cute fall scraps.
And the word FALL is actually an Americana print!

I am struggling with a binding for this maple leaf runner...UGH!

This one is so simple but appliqueing around those little
eyes and noses...tedious!

I finished the decorative stitching on this next one...
sort of a crazy quilt table topper.
Had lots of fun picking out stitches and used up a lot of 
bobbins with small amounts of thread on them that I couldn't stand the 
thought of throwing away.
I am not sure about leaving the acorns on there ~ but they are cute little acorns.

I also pulled out a Dresden plate that I started a number of years ago.
Never sewed the plates together but I do have them all cut out and ready to sew.
This one is ready to applique onto the back and I can actually make 3 more
blocks like this with what I have ready to sew.

Honestly, now I wish I had more!
I really have started to form a love/love relationship
with the Dresden plate.

I love love them!!!

So this, in addition to taking about 30 minutes a day 
in an  attempt to organize the sewing area and my fabrics,
has kept me occupied and busy.

Happy Sewing,

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Break from sewing...

I have been sewing but will share more of that later...
But I have also been busy with a special event...
Yesterday I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's at one of the parks here on Long Island.  We had a marvelous showing of family, friends and loved ones yesterday.  The entire day was amazing and very emotional.  As the top fundraising team (in six weeks our team "Day by  Day" raised over $12,000) we were asked to have someone speak at the opening ceremonies.  My beautiful niece Amanda gave a heartwarming and very emotional speech telling her story about my sister Doreen's diagnosis and what our lives have been like the past 2 years living with Alzheimer's as a new member of our family.  Then, along with over 1000 other walkers we took a very nice relaxed walk around the lake, only 1.5 miles.
This is a photo of my sister's family yesterday at the walk.  (Amanda is standing in the middle)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sewing September 13, 14, 15 and 16...

WHEW!  That's a lot of sewing days...
AND I really have been sewing!

Sewing everyday?  YES!
I cannot show you everything because some are for
other people and that would spoil surprises...maybe.
But I worked on these Kimono Blocks...
Now the struggle is to find sashing and border fabric
that I am happy with.
Maybe it will need to be a black?  
This is a tough one and I have tried quite a few.
So, more to come on this and it might even have to 
wait until after the holidays since it really isn't for
anyone on my list right now.
Bordered one of the Happy Halloween embroideries.
I really like this and could make a few more of these.
BUT...I seem to constantly be running out of BLACK thread
these days!
The border fabric is one I found and purchased because the color
and stars drew me to it.
Big surprise when you look up close...Witches' hats.
Adorable!  It's a Thimbleberries from 2010.
Dresden Plate Candle Mat...
These were fun and quick to do and now I have to finish them.
I have a couple more of the Dresden Plate mats in mid-piecing.
That squiggly stripe gets a little dizzying after a while!

And that's all I can show right now...more to come.

I am ready for fall and all the beautiful colors it brings
along with the fun of Halloween.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sewing September 11 & September 12...

Sorry I missed posting this sewing project
from September 11...
This was the extent of my sewing for the day.
A sort of large (48X48) wall hanging for Christmas.
GOAL - use up some of those charm packs in my stash.

So yesterday I went back to work on it...

Dug through the stash for some fabrics that could work for borders...
And finished the top!
Yay, one charm pack used...3/4 yard of Background fabric used...
1/4 yard black for inner border used...
1 yard of fabric for the outer border used!
Now...if I make about 'eleventy ninety five' of these
I just might make a dent in that stash!

While piecing the Charm Star Wall hanging I also had the

Ellisimo hard at work!
Stitching time for that baby...
making little butterflies.
So, here is where I learned something yesterday!
Instead of stitching one at a time I dropped in 8 of the designs I wanted to stitch
and "dragged" them around the screen so they would all
fit within the hoop and WOW!
Hoop once...stitch 8...done!

The photo above shows the tiny butterfly tops being stitched and you can see on the screen to the right the 8 butterfly designs all lined up ready to stitch.
Here is a pic of the butterfly bottoms...(LOL, cracked me up)

 And here is the oh so cute 3D Butterfly!

I was inspired to stitch these out because on Saturday, September 21
I am walking in the 
I am walking along side my sister Doreen in this fight against this disease.
She picked the name DAY by DAY for our team because she believes that everyone and everything can come together and fulfill their dreams and needs if they just do it "day by day"!

We are really excited about the walk and since my sister loves butterflies and her favorite color is purple
I thought I would make the girls little lace butterfly barrettes to wear in their hair on the day of the walk.

Well, that was my sewing for the last two days!
In the spirit of National Sewing Month and the theme of
Sew for the Skill of it...
I learned something too!

Have you learned a new skill or anything new about your machine yet this month?

Happy Sewing...and Stitching,

PS:  the 'eleventy ninety five' is a number Claire Dunphy used on Modern Family once...I know it's not a real number...but if it was that is how many wall hangings I could make with my never ending stash of crap fabric!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sewing September 10th...

Or NOT sewing on September 10th.
I missed a day of sewing.
I don't feel good about it but I did spend some time
on the computer categorizing my embroidery designs.
Stuff like that takes time!
I also spent some time planning the fabric, etc for a potential custom quilt a friend wants.

So, I guess you can say I worked on sewing related stuff.

Today is a different story...but I will show you that tomorrow!

Happy Sewing,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sewing September 8th...

Well, it wasn't exactly sewing...again...
but I did spend a bit of time
cutting away the stabilizer from
two of the designs I embroidered the other day.

Tiny scissors...tiny snips!
My fingers were exhausted!!!

If you are not familiar with this process, in the bottom photo the pumpkin on the left still has all the stabilizer attached.  I snipped away all the white.
The little that I left behind...
staying there!

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sewing September 7th...

Well, there wasn't any sewing on Saturday!
Sorry to say but the day was really a full one.
Two classes at the shop and  lots of happy customers.
So, I did play with fabric and I did spend most of the day dealing with quilt related activity...
I think that counts!

After work it was dinner out with family!
This is my husband and his sister...toasting to good times!
Then it was home for cake and coffee...all good.

I also had some computer issues.
I know the Internet was connected but the pages wouldn't load.
I tried last night, my niece's husband tried rebooting this morning...
Well, tonight I turned on the computer, pulled up my home page
and here I am!

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sewing September 6th...

I'm telling embroidery times!
Here's what I played with on Friday
 before heading to the shop for work...

First off, it was a two machine day!
Sewing on the left...
Embroidery on the right!
Liking this set up...
too bad it's the dining  room table and we are having company today!

Curious George Pillowcase for my niece's son who is coming today.

This was the sneak peek from yesterday's post...
and here it is...

Pretty toile Sunflower.  I have the perfect fabric to frame this
so I see a table topper coming very soon.
I stitched out four of these.

Yup, two machines...twice the fun!

And in between I baked a Butter Pecan cake with 
Cream Cheese frosting for tonight's dessert!  

Happy Stitching today,

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sewing September 5th...

I had a fun time sewing on Thursday!
I don't know what hit me but I got the embroidery bug

It all started with this...

Came out great and I love the look of the black on the osnaburg fabric!
I have some really neat Halloween Fabrics to use with this and 
it just might be a pillow for someone special, but I can assure you
I will be making one for myself!

Then I made three of these stitch outs...

...pillow too!

Next came this...

So cool.  Did this one on muslin.
And, I will be doing a couple more of these.
There was suppose to be a skull on the
far left fence post.
I left it off (figured out how to do that) and 
will be putting a pumpkin button or something else
in it's place.  Was not too fond of the skull 
(white on muslin wouldn't show up to well).

Needless to say...
Lots a stitchin' not an ounce a _itchin'!
So much fun!!!!!

Cannot wait to get these into projects.

Before I head off to work here is a sneak peek
of what I was working on today...
Yup, more embroidery and then some...

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sewing September 4th...

Honestly, I didn't really sew much of anything on Wednesday, September 4th.  :(
I sewed a couple of seams on a sample for the shop...
that's it!
But in my defense, we had house guests.

But today...I did a lot of fun stuff
which I will show off tomorrow!

Happy Sewing...and Good night to all,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sewing September 3rd...

Well, what I sewed was the quilting on that little table
topper using my embroidery machine.
I don't have a picture other than this one...
from earlier in the day.
It is hard to see the quilting design in this photo but it is there.

But, I did learn a valuable bit of info.
While I was working on this there was a lot of
thunder and lightning...A LOT!
Well, right after a loud crack I heard the machine go
Uh-oh...what was that!
The machine stopped and I got a little nervous.
The message on the screen said to turn it off and on again...
so I did.
Then the message was "return to previous design" and I choose "OK"...
all was well, this time.
The lesson learned, I think I will turn off the machine in those weather conditions next time.

Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sewing September 2nd...

In celebration of National Sewing Month I am sewing everyday! is what I worked on yesterday...
This is some lace embroidery I tried.
It came out nice but a 9" x 1.75" piece took
almost an hour.
Originally I wanted to use this as edging on the shelves in my kitchen for Halloween.
I would need 5 more pieces...
we shall see!
What did I learn from this...don't sit around watching in amazement!
Set up your other machine and sew something
while the embroidery machine is working! is what else I worked on...
This is a tree skirt for a class at the shop.
Almost done...need to back, quilt and bind this.
It was a quick one to accomplish.
I also worked more on this...
I have big plans for this little quilt.
Today I need to purchase more fabric for it.

Already started sewing this morning and here is a
sneak peek at the project for today...

Started quilting that little table topper using the embroidery machine
and a snowflake design.
Already learned a lesson for today and will share that tomorrow!

Happy Sewing,

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sewing - September 1, 2013

In Celebration of National Sewing Month
I am sewing everyday
trying to learn a new skill
practice something I need to work on
just sew, sew, sew!

Anyway, yesterday I finished piecing this...
...a fun Christmas table topper.
It will be a gift!
My practice was this...

...overcasting stitch on the 4 matching coasters.

I've been trying to use different stitches/feet on my machine
and found that I like using the overcasting stitch and foot
to finish items like this.

Through trial and error I have discovered that
the stitching looks more professional
and has a nicer finish if you use
Serger Thread for this stitch.

Today was spent cleaning up after the big
painting project!
Still a lot of agonizing organizing
to accomplish but the majority of the 
painting supplies have been cleared away,
all the tape is off,
the windows are washed,
curtains are hung,
furniture back in place,
and the paint spills cleaned up!
Today I am trying lace embroidery...
Here's a sneak peak at what's on
the Ellisimo right now.

More tomorrow.
Sew for the Skill of it!

Happy Sewing,

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September...

Happier National Sewing Month!!!

Did you know...
The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.”

You can visit this link
for more information.

Internaional Sewing Month

Since the theme this year is "Sew for the Skill of it" I think it would be a good idea to learn some new techniques OR improve on some of the sewing skills I already have/use!

That is my goal this month...and I need to get back into sewing every single day!

What about you?
What new sewing skill will you learn or practice this month?

I will keep you posted with daily sewing and skill building progress on this end...stay tuned!
And don't for get to tune up your machine if it needs a good cleaning!
AND...for goodness sake...CHANGE THAT NEEDLE!

Happy Sewing Skill Building,