Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sewing September 2nd...

In celebration of National Sewing Month I am sewing everyday!

Sew...here is what I worked on yesterday...
This is some lace embroidery I tried.
It came out nice but a 9" x 1.75" piece took
almost an hour.
Originally I wanted to use this as edging on the shelves in my kitchen for Halloween.
I would need 5 more pieces...
we shall see!
What did I learn from this...don't sit around watching in amazement!
Set up your other machine and sew something
while the embroidery machine is working!
Sew...here is what else I worked on...
This is a tree skirt for a class at the shop.
Almost done...need to back, quilt and bind this.
It was a quick one to accomplish.
I also worked more on this...
I have big plans for this little quilt.
Today I need to purchase more fabric for it.

Already started sewing this morning and here is a
sneak peek at the project for today...

Started quilting that little table topper using the embroidery machine
and a snowflake design.
Already learned a lesson for today and will share that tomorrow!

Happy Sewing,

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