Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sewing September 3rd...

Well, what I sewed was the quilting on that little table
topper using my embroidery machine.
I don't have a picture other than this one...
from earlier in the day.
It is hard to see the quilting design in this photo but it is there.

But, I did learn a valuable bit of info.
While I was working on this there was a lot of
thunder and lightning...A LOT!
Well, right after a loud crack I heard the machine go
Uh-oh...what was that!
The machine stopped and I got a little nervous.
The message on the screen said to turn it off and on again...
so I did.
Then the message was "return to previous design" and I choose "OK"...
all was well, this time.
The lesson learned, I think I will turn off the machine in those weather conditions next time.

Happy Sewing,

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Oh to unplug computers of all kinds during a storm!