Monday, September 2, 2013

Sewing - September 1, 2013

In Celebration of National Sewing Month
I am sewing everyday
trying to learn a new skill
practice something I need to work on
just sew, sew, sew!

Anyway, yesterday I finished piecing this...
...a fun Christmas table topper.
It will be a gift!
My practice was this...

...overcasting stitch on the 4 matching coasters.

I've been trying to use different stitches/feet on my machine
and found that I like using the overcasting stitch and foot
to finish items like this.

Through trial and error I have discovered that
the stitching looks more professional
and has a nicer finish if you use
Serger Thread for this stitch.

Today was spent cleaning up after the big
painting project!
Still a lot of agonizing organizing
to accomplish but the majority of the 
painting supplies have been cleared away,
all the tape is off,
the windows are washed,
curtains are hung,
furniture back in place,
and the paint spills cleaned up!
Today I am trying lace embroidery...
Here's a sneak peak at what's on
the Ellisimo right now.

More tomorrow.
Sew for the Skill of it!

Happy Sewing,

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