Monday, January 31, 2011

January is coming to an end...

Happy Monday! This one is a little long so grab a cuppa and sit a spell!
I can't believe that yesterday was the last Sunday in January...the month went by in the drop of a snowflake...and that's a good thing because there was a lot of snow this month!
The sooner winter is over this year the better. Generally I love all the seasons (with spring and fall being my favorites...especially fall) but this year...winter not!
Sunday I worked on Block 5 of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt Along...Kansas Troubles!
Here's the link...
I am not terribly pleased with my color choices on this one but will leave it for now and wait to see how it works with the other blocks later on in the year.
Now, I bet you are wondering what it's sitting in...the owner of the LQS that I work in gave each employee this great box as a Christmas Gift and I think it is the perfect place to store my Civil War blocks...don't you! I adore this box and will be keeping it on display in my living room for all to see! (All is really just hubby and me but, oh well, it's still there!)
After completing this block I really needed to get to some "utility sewing". My poor ironing board cover was on it's last leg...see...
Isn't that just awful?!? I promise it was pretty at one's a Laura Ashley! So I proceeded to make a new one...Laura Ashley watch comes a Colleen Taylor!!!
Armed with some Kwik Trace (pattern tracing cloth) a sharpie, scissors, tape measure and 2 yards of really cute fabric FROM MY STASH...perfect for a sewing room...I proceeded to make this...
It came out great! Only one problem...when I took the old one off I discovered (whodda thunk) that it was reversible!
So, what is the outcome? Here are a few points to review:
  • Look before you leap
  • Laura Ashley is on top again
  • Use the pretty Laura Ashley cover because it is so light and airy against the dark and dreary winter!
  • Save the new one with the cute spool of thread fabric for later
I must admit that mine did come out really well for a "let's try this and see how you do project"!
Now I can make a new one whenever I want because "I know I can"!!!
And that folks was my day! A happy ending!
Remember...Sew Everyday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another good day to sew!

With the weather so yucky...lots of was another good day to stay home and sew!
Sew that's what I did.  First I worked on this...
 This is for a class at the shop sometime at the end of March most likely.  It is from a pattern we will be selling also.
Then I worked on this.  The first pic is of a block I designed on EQ6 and the second is the block come to life in my sewing room.

The next step is to applique, back and quilt so I can hang it up for Valentine's Day!
But for now I am calling it a eyes are tired and I feel like I am seeing double.  So much stitching today!
Remember, sew everyday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Civil War Quilt Along...Blocks 3 and 4

Fell a little behind with the Civil War Blocks last week.  I think going forward my plan will be to get this block done on Monday night!
The history stories that are published with the blocks are very interesting and I have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed putting the blocks together.
Block 3 ~ Seven Sisters
This one was simple enough and gave me an opportunity to work on my machine applique!  I am really starting to like doing that!
Block 4 ~ Tears for Texas
The colors on this are really a little deeper than they appear!  This one was tricky but in the end it worked out well.

Both blocks were made using the fabric from my stash.
If you are interested in joining the quilt along visit this blog:
Have a great day and remember...
Sew Everyday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Creating every day!

I can honestly say that I have stuck to my goal of sewing or doing something sewing/crafting related everyday!  This past week was tough but I did it.
On Wednesday we traveled to Baltimore to visit my daughter and grandson for the day so my creativity was to read 2 "trade" magazines.  I must say...the read was interesting and educational as well as stirring up some food for thought!
On Thursday I had dinner with a friend and, while I didn't sew anything I brought along the fabrics I have planned for my son's Wedding Quilt. 
Did I ever mention that my son is getting married in September?  Well he is!
So my plan is to make him a Japanese inspired quilt!
Alice, my friend and co-worker, was extremely helpful in helping me plan the quilt top.
Very excited to make this but I still need to sketch a few more drafts before I start cutting...:)

My sewing for the week included some samples for the shop for classes (photo of one item in my previous post) in addition to the afore mentioned reading and planning!
The two photos below are from a BOM we are doing called "Calendar Girls".  These are the sample blocks for January and February (we did these in our first meeting).

SEW...YES, I stuck to the goal!!!!!

Again, not much because I worked on small projects and small applique pieces.
I would estimate...

STASH OUT = .25 yard

Not a bad week afterall...I didn't buy anything!

Sew remember...SEW EVERYDAY!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sewing on a very chilly day!

Wow!  It was so chilly today and tomorrow is suppose to be even colder!  BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
What better to do than stay inside and concentrate on sewing stuff!
I cleaned a little in my sewing room and did some more organizing.
A little at a time and soon it will be photo worthy!

I also worked on a table runner for a class at the shop...
Appliqued all afternoon!  Believe it or not I don't have any gold, brown or (the right) red thread to finish this off.  I so wanted to get the borders on today and quilt it!  I guess I will need to pick up some thread tomorrow~then get back to it.
Well, I had to stop anyway...the sewing room got to dark - poor lighting - and my eyes are tired...I can hardly get a clear view of what I am typing right now!

This is such a cute project and I cannot wait to finish it!  The applique is repeated on the other side of the runner.

Well, that's all for today!  Happy Sewing!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stash Mash Update for weekending 1-15-11

Another week that I stuck to my goal of sewing everyday (or something crafty related)!
I didn't sew one day because of cutting and tracing shapes for applique!
BUT - the question remains...did I use any stash fabrics?
Well, let's just say minimal!  BUT, I didn't purchase any fabric this week!

Since most of the projects I worked on this week were for samples for work the stash use was only about 1/4 yard.

So...w/e 1-15-11

1/4 yard stash mashed
0 yard purchased!

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still Chilly Outside...

It is really cold out there this morning and I wish I could stay home.
My Mother-in-Law is still in the hospital and we went to visit her last night and she was so lonely that we are going to go back for a little while today too!
I haven't finished her quilt yet...she went into the hospital on December 9th and at that point "Yoshi's Secret Garden" was ready to quilt...
I really have to pick it up again and get it quilted for her.  Hopefully she will be going home within the next 2-3 weeks and I know she will love to have it to cuddle under.
Yoshi is doing much better and knows she needs to get her strength up in order to come home.
Last night she asked for some Japanese food since the food at the hospital is "yucky".  So I am fixing a yummy tofu meal for her (one of her favorites) and of course, bringing her some rice!

Yesterday I didn't sew but I did cut out a project and get it ready to sew tonight!
It's a sample for work...a really cute spring table pics yet!

Stay warm today and Happy Sewing!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Civil War Quilt Along...Block 2


This is Block 2 of the "Civil War Quilt Along" from Barbara Brackman.
I might change this one to have the red as the star points and the blue center...just thinking!

Have a great day and remember...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finished a little project for my daughter

A few years ago I made my daughter a door knob hanger for Christmas.  It was really cute but had a Snowman theme.  She has kept it out year round since I gave it to her.
She asked me if I could make her an everyday one and it was on my list planned for Christmas but I never quite got to it.
Well, a friend loaned me a book (Simple Graces) and there was the perfect door knob hanger in I made it for her today! I made a few minor changes and adjustments to the pattern but it is darling.  Actually, I highly recommend that book, it's from Kim Diehl.  Great quilts and projects!

All the fabrics and trims...from my this is another Stash Mash Project!Remember, SEW EVERYDAY!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and the sewing is so delightful, so since we've no place to go...
And that is just what I am going to amongst a little organizing and maybe pulling together some info to get those taxes started!

Block 2 of the Civil War I am following is on the list for today so I can hit up the Stash for that one! 
AND the door knob hanger to finish for my daughter - hand sewing the tiniest yo-yo's I have ever made!
Some sewing for work too!!!
Goodness, I have a lot on my plate today!
Better get going because the first chore...bake some cookies for a snack later!!

Happy Sewing!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week Ending 1/8/11


10 Minute Runner - 1 yard (plus some notions)
Prairie Points for Project - .25 yard
Yo-Yo's - .25 yard
Door Knob Hanger - .25 yard
Total use = 1.75 yards

Not too much but all small projects this week. Plus I worked on some WIP's that the fabric was already pulled and cut for.

Purchase this week - 5 yards (only because the shop had a 50% off clearance sale). Besides I didn't say I was going to stop buying...I just said I was going to keep using!

I also added a page to my blog called "STASH MASH" were I will track each week!

Remember...Sew Everyday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little hand sewing!

So Friday I was planning to sew the night away.  When the snow started falling we canceled the Friday Night Sit N Sew at the shop so I decided to sew and warm!
Was not pleased with the block I was working on, finished it this morning and I am still not happy with it so I will get to it again at a later date (maybe Sunday)!
Broke 2 needles in the machine so decided to make some yo yo's!
I have this yo yo table topper that is an ongoing project...I currently use it on my coffee table but some day hope to make it large enough for my dining room table.
Here is the topper...

Here is a photo of the two blue rows I sewed together last night to add to each side & some cream yo yo's to be put on next...

I already sewed today...even though I am not happy with the results!  We are hosting a party tonight for my husband's Karate School so I will be busy all day with preparations for that!
And yes, I still have all my Christmas decorations up...we are having a party for goodness sake!
Actually, I usually leave them up until SuperBowl Sunday...but maybe I will take them down tomorrow...if we have more snow and I am stuck at home.
So...since they go away's a brief peek at some of my decorations around the house...

My Christmas Tree...the top is pretty sparse with decorations...I can't reach and was too lazy to get the ladder!

Over the I can see it all the time!

My Nativity

Over the kitchen sink...makes washing the dishes a pleasure...I made some of these years ago!

Over the microwave!

Atop the refrigerator added just a touch of holiday and of course an angel to watch over me!

You may have seen these before but they rest atop this...

My favorite runner...I didn't make it but wish I did!

And mantle!  Sparse decorating for me this year!

Happy Sewing...and remember "SEW EVERYDAY"!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Civil War Quilt Along...Block 1

Okay, I finished the first block in the Civil War Quilt Along...all fabric from my stash!
One down...51 to go! Very exciting!

Joined a Quilt Along...

Yup...that's right...I stumbled onto a Quilt Along...theme...Civil War!
And since I have started to amass a sum of Civil War repro fabrics...I am doing it!
It is a year long, one block per WEEK...gasp, one per week! Yikes! I need to keep up with this...
in the end...52 blocks...8" each!
So after I finished this last night...
I moved on to cutting and sewing on Block 1 of Civil War Quilt Along!
More info on this will follow as soon as I can figure out how to add the "link" to the blog for this quilt along!
I know this looks like the same fabrics in the Star above...but it is not!  Trust me :) camera fails to get the values right...need to work on that too!
Okay see...I figured it out  <;) and it only took me a minute or two!  Just call me Swifty!
Barbara Brackman is started this quilt along to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War. 1861-1865.
She is posting a block a week plus stories, pictures and other tidbits.
In addition, I spent some time folding a pressing more of those darned prairie points!!!  :)))))))
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sewing everyday!

At least I am trying to!  :)
SEW...Tuesday I cut out some more squares for those 102 prairie points I need for a project.
Then I pulled out a WIP...remember this?
It's a little quilt I call "One Star" that I designed on EQ6.
I started it a while ago...November!  And this is how far I got...

The RED in it is much deeper than the photo.
Worked on it some last night and now I have this...
It's coming along nicely!  This is my first time
doing a "piano key" like border.  They only measure 2.5 inches long (1"wide) but I enjoyed making them.

I am mashing that stash this week...just a little! ;)

Happy Sewing!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Added my Goals...

Okay, so I figured out how to "add a page" to my is the page with my 2011 Goals!
Look up at the tabs on the top!  I even amaze myself sometimes. ;)
My goals are listed there so visit the tab if you want to see them.
The UFO (WIP) list will get it's own page too...because I can do it!

So, the first goal listed is to "Sew Everyday" and so far it's working...I have sewed or done something sewing related everyday.  You already saw the quick little runner that I worked on Sat/Sun.  Last night and today I started cutting and pressing "prairie points" for a class sample for the shop.
I need to make 102 of them...decided to hit up my 30's stash and needed pick up a few more options today so I had a good variety.  Tonight I will cut and press some more and try not to burn my fingertips!

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

One day - two posts - three ideas!

I know that I posted already today but I want to get onto paper (or blog) these thoughts before they disappear into the deepest part of my brain!

Over the next few days I plan to:

Set my quilting goals for 2011 (which will most likely be a moving target!)
Create a UFO list (another moving target!)
Start tracking my stash usage (a honest to goodness moving target!)

Maybe this post should have been titled "Moving Targets!

Happy Sewing!


Happy New Year!
I cannot believe that it's 2011 already.  I started my blogging one year ago!
With the start of this new year I am going to try posting more regularly as a journal of my quilting life!
This weekend my daughter, son in law and darling grandson came to visit.  We had a great time and I just love spending time with my grandson.  He is a ball of energy and has so much fun playing.  We even sewed together and he had fun doing that.  He helped me make this runner yesterday and I finished it today. 

 Here is a close-up view.  I added a flange and some cluny lace to this quick and easy "10 Minute Runner".

My grandson was a good boy at the sewing machine keeping his hands out of the way and waiting patiently until it was time to push the reverse button and the thread cutting button.  Everytime the machine went into reverse he laughed.

Today I have my family Holiday Gathering which I enjoy every year!  It's so much fun to see everyone and just have a relaxed celebration.

Enjoy the day and...
Happy Sewing!