Monday, January 24, 2011

Creating every day!

I can honestly say that I have stuck to my goal of sewing or doing something sewing/crafting related everyday!  This past week was tough but I did it.
On Wednesday we traveled to Baltimore to visit my daughter and grandson for the day so my creativity was to read 2 "trade" magazines.  I must say...the read was interesting and educational as well as stirring up some food for thought!
On Thursday I had dinner with a friend and, while I didn't sew anything I brought along the fabrics I have planned for my son's Wedding Quilt. 
Did I ever mention that my son is getting married in September?  Well he is!
So my plan is to make him a Japanese inspired quilt!
Alice, my friend and co-worker, was extremely helpful in helping me plan the quilt top.
Very excited to make this but I still need to sketch a few more drafts before I start cutting...:)

My sewing for the week included some samples for the shop for classes (photo of one item in my previous post) in addition to the afore mentioned reading and planning!
The two photos below are from a BOM we are doing called "Calendar Girls".  These are the sample blocks for January and February (we did these in our first meeting).

SEW...YES, I stuck to the goal!!!!!

Again, not much because I worked on small projects and small applique pieces.
I would estimate...

STASH OUT = .25 yard

Not a bad week afterall...I didn't buy anything!

Sew remember...SEW EVERYDAY!

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