Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another good day to sew!

With the weather so yucky...lots of was another good day to stay home and sew!
Sew that's what I did.  First I worked on this...
 This is for a class at the shop sometime at the end of March most likely.  It is from a pattern we will be selling also.
Then I worked on this.  The first pic is of a block I designed on EQ6 and the second is the block come to life in my sewing room.

The next step is to applique, back and quilt so I can hang it up for Valentine's Day!
But for now I am calling it a eyes are tired and I feel like I am seeing double.  So much stitching today!
Remember, sew everyday!


sandy quilts said...

Love your sewing Colleen! Your blocks and projects always look perfect. And I like the wood background on you blog also!

Colleen said...

Darling Sandy...I can always count on you! Thank you so much girlfriend! I am going to slowly work on making my blog look better!