Monday, January 3, 2011

Added my Goals...

Okay, so I figured out how to "add a page" to my is the page with my 2011 Goals!
Look up at the tabs on the top!  I even amaze myself sometimes. ;)
My goals are listed there so visit the tab if you want to see them.
The UFO (WIP) list will get it's own page too...because I can do it!

So, the first goal listed is to "Sew Everyday" and so far it's working...I have sewed or done something sewing related everyday.  You already saw the quick little runner that I worked on Sat/Sun.  Last night and today I started cutting and pressing "prairie points" for a class sample for the shop.
I need to make 102 of them...decided to hit up my 30's stash and needed pick up a few more options today so I had a good variety.  Tonight I will cut and press some more and try not to burn my fingertips!

Happy Sewing!


sandy quilts said...

I love prairie points - haven't done them for a long time. Love the 30's fabric. Are the prairie points for dresden plate?

Colleen said...

No...not dresden plate...another surprise is coming your way for a great, fun, easy class!