Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


I have so much fun on to see all the little ones in costume!
But I have to work so my husband (who has even more fun) will get to enjoy the parade of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls!!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where does the time go!

I haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy at work and organizing my sewing room.
The room is not done yet, maybe I need to NOT strive for it to be PERFECT but just ensure it is FUNCTIONAL!!!! 
But I can say that my "Secret Sista"  received her gift and so now I can show it.
Here is the Mug Rug I designed for her...

And here is the Mug Wrap I made for her...

And her is the photo she took as proof that she finally got it after it traveled from NY to CA...and it only took 10 whole days!  Her photo is the greatest!  It was pouring rain all day in NY yesterday so this was a pleasant view!

I am so glad it finally arrived AND that my Secret Sista likes it!
Funny thing, in this swap we actually had each other as swap partners and, well you already saw my great Mug Rug and Mug...that was in the post below!

Today is a beautiful day for two reasons:
1.  Today I get to sew with friends
2.  It really is a beautiful sunny day out there

Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Look what I got...

I belong to a group on a quilting forum and the ladies are all so great.  Well, we had a Mug/Mug Rug Swap.
Mine came in the mail yesterday and I am sew very excited.
It is a "celebration of my new featherweight"!
Look at this...I just had to take one in Black and White!
And here it is in living color!  Isn't it adorable?

I cannot show you the one I made to send out to my swap mate because I don't think she has received it yet. As soon as I know I will share.

As you know from previous posts, I also belong to a Birthday Swap group.
Since this is my month I have been receiving blocks (see earlier post).
I have a few more to show...

I simply cannot wait to put this all together into a quilt for ME!

Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some pics...

...of a few things I have been working on.
This one is going to be a gift so I cannot show you all of it just yet.

And this is a current work in progress on a small quilt I am designing.

And, I belong to a birthday block swap group.  This month I turned a year older so it's my turn.  I chose Civil War Repro as my fabric desire and already have received two blocks (that I absewlutely love).

Sew, yes I have been sewing and working.  I have spent some time designing too.
In addition, this darn cough from my cold last week has been lingering but getting better each day.
The one thing I haven't accomplished yet is my Fall Decorating.  I am hoping to get some of that done on Sunday with the help of my loving husband.

Hope everyone is enjoying their sewing time!

In MY perfect imaginary world...

Yup, I still dream about what it would be like in MY perfect imaginary world!
Last night while lying in bed the rain came pouring down.  I mean it was torrential...really torrential.
It started me thinking that "In MY perfect world"...

it only rains at the grass and plants get all their nourishment and then the sun comes out for the day
it only snows on grassy surfaces, bushes and trees...not on the walkways or streets
snow never gets dirty
flowers bloom even if you ignore them
there are no bad hair days (I seem to be having a lot of them these days)
no one gets sick...ever
potato chips are not fattening and you can eat as many as you want
the stash always has the fabric you are looking for at that moment
fabric fairies come while you are sleeping and put everything in order for you
there truly is World Peace
my daughter would NOT be moving to Idaho right before Christmas :(

Now, there are a lot of other things that would make the world perfect but they are too many to list.
These are just the things that came to mind...for one reason or another last night while I was lying in bed listening to the really torrential rainfall!