Friday, August 24, 2012

From Virtual...

...To Reality!

I'm calling this one "Americana Friendship".
As you may have guessed I am totally obsessed with the whole Red, White and Blue Americana decor.
The other day I was shopping with my sister and she said that she thinks I have had enough of it.
Well, clearly I haven't!

This little topper is actually a class sample for the Quilting 102 class that is starting in late September at the shop.  Finished it last night - well, finished the piecing last night and now it is ready to hang in the shop.

This isn't a new design that I created, it's a simple friendship star block pattern.  I did draft it in EQ prior to making it because I will have to write a pattern and a materials list for this class.
Here is the Virtual Quilt top...

And here is the Real Quilt top...

Yes, I already mentioned my obsession with Red, White and Blue!
That cute little topper on the table was made by my daughter quite a few years ago.
I am so glad that she enjoys sewing and quilting.
Plans around here are for me to visit them at their new home in Idaho in October.
She said she cannot wait to sew together.  That's what she is planning for us..."sewing and traveling".
It should be a really nice trip for me and I cannot wait to see them and to play with my grandson.

Well, enough of this, there's more sewing and some cleaning to do today!

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's's hot...what to do?

I am going to try to sew today...after the cleaning of the house!
In my last post I gave you a glimpse into how I made a label for my quilt.
Since the day was so very hot I knew I would have trouble with the wonder under process...and I did!
Here is what I discovered...if you are familiar with wonder under you will understand.

the directions say to press onto the back of your fabric, let cool and peel.
Well, the peeling part did not go so well.
It was pulling all of the product off the back and leaving 'webby' like stuff behind.
So, I switched to a different roll of product with the same result.
THEN...I decided NOT to follow directions...
Pressed onto back of label
Peeled right away...while still hot...
My label adhered to the back of the quilt wonder-underfully!

So you see, in desperate times...HOT, STICKY WEATHER...
rules are made to be broken!

Stay cool and happy stitching!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Quilting for Charity...

...and how I make a label.
It's been so hot most days that I really cannot get too much sewing done.
With no A/C at home it is really difficult to play with fabric!

I made a block for a friend...she is moving and everyone is making a Friendship Star block in her favorite fabrics to put together a quilt to remember us by.
Can you guess what her favorite fabric is?

I also had to finish a baby quilt for one of the online groups I belong to.
We decided to make a quilt for a baby to be donated to one of the members local charity.
Here she is...

Obviously this is for a little girl.  I had a lot of fun making this.
I would say it is my own design but I do know that there are many similar quilts out there.
I did not use a pattern ~ I just cut strips and sewed it 'quilt as you go' style.
For added interest I sewed on some ribbon and Ric-rac and added a really cute ruffled flower!

The label was easy and I wanted to tell you how I make my labels.
For this quilt the group decided what the label would say...
"A hug to wrap you in"!
For starters I take some of my freezer paper sheets.  Love these things.
I know that you can purchase a roll of freezer paper and cut it to size for printing but these are pre-cut and  ready to use!  EASY!
I press my label fabric to the shiny side and place in my printer for printing.
Then I pull up my word doc program and type  in what I want the label to be.
Sometimes (like with this one) I pull up some free clip art to print a little picture on my label for added interest.

After I print the label I peel off the freezer  paper backing and use wonder under to press it to the back of the quilt.  On this one I added Ric-rac when sewing it down to mimic the front.

Now it's time to head to the post office to ship this and then it's off to work.
Tonight is our First Friday Sit n Sew at the shop!
Always a fun night!

Happy sewing...if you're cool enough!