Friday, August 24, 2012

From Virtual...

...To Reality!

I'm calling this one "Americana Friendship".
As you may have guessed I am totally obsessed with the whole Red, White and Blue Americana decor.
The other day I was shopping with my sister and she said that she thinks I have had enough of it.
Well, clearly I haven't!

This little topper is actually a class sample for the Quilting 102 class that is starting in late September at the shop.  Finished it last night - well, finished the piecing last night and now it is ready to hang in the shop.

This isn't a new design that I created, it's a simple friendship star block pattern.  I did draft it in EQ prior to making it because I will have to write a pattern and a materials list for this class.
Here is the Virtual Quilt top...

And here is the Real Quilt top...

Yes, I already mentioned my obsession with Red, White and Blue!
That cute little topper on the table was made by my daughter quite a few years ago.
I am so glad that she enjoys sewing and quilting.
Plans around here are for me to visit them at their new home in Idaho in October.
She said she cannot wait to sew together.  That's what she is planning for us..."sewing and traveling".
It should be a really nice trip for me and I cannot wait to see them and to play with my grandson.

Well, enough of this, there's more sewing and some cleaning to do today!

Happy Sewing!


Deb said...

Colleen, that small red and white striped sashing/border makes the "real" quilt so much more interesting than the "virtual" one. Good choice! Very cute quilt.

Sheryl-lyn said...

I love that quilt! Also, I am so excited about your upcoming trip to Idaho!! You have to go to Mary Janes Farm!! She is the one who invented the Glamping thing!

judyquilts said...

Friendship blocks are the best! Love your fabrics. I know you will enjoy the grandchild visit. Judy in MO