Thursday, September 6, 2012

Went to Eastern Long Island Guild...

Last night I was finally able to get to a guild meeting!
This year many of the meeting dates for the meetings have been in conflict with one thing or another and I have not attended for the past 3 months so it felt good to connect again.
I missed some amazing  speakers and some great show and tell.

Well, last night the show and tell was fabulous with some wonderful quilts and totes shown.
And the speaker, well, she was a hoot!
Diane Rode Schneck was our guest speaker.  She is a member of the Empire Quilters Guild and teaches at The City Quilter.

Her quilts and their stories were quite humorous...she does a lot of what she calls Humor Quilts.
I think my favorite was the one she called "Ode to the Diner".
On this quilt she appliqued using the 'broderie perse' technique taking bits of fabric depicting items that you see in a diner; bagels, get the picture!
No, didn't take any photos...sorry.
Diane also has a passion for Dear Jane quilts.

I bet if you Google her...Diane Rode can see/read all about her.
I haven't googled her yet but I will!
The commentary that went along with the quilts was was a great evening.

Thank you Diane!!!

Happy Sewing!

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