Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not about sewing...

But I really need to get this out...

It all started when this died...

Yup, my very faithful, never gave me an ounce of trouble
for the past 6 years PRINTER bit the dust.

My husband needed something printed right away.
So we headed to an electronics store.
I won't say which one but it was
Best Buy.

I need assistance with my decision and that's where you might say the troubles began.
Three associates were assisting one customer as I stood there waiting for about 5 minutes.

Then one of them, who shall remain nameless (his name was John) decided to assist me.
I asked him if he had any printers that took "X" brand of ink...since I had some at home.
I don't think he was listening because his response was "what printer do you have at home".
I said none - it died but I was hoping to get a printer that would use the same ink.
Nope, none of the printers they sell took that ink.
I asked him for advice on choosing the right printer for my needs.
I will give him props for asking some good leading questions (all the while snapping his gum).
I answered his questions and he led me to a printer that cost $149.99.

As a side note...this was the printer my husband had already decided on because he liked how it looked!
Mind you, my husband doesn't even use the computer let alone print anything!!!

The printer suggested was not in stock but he could order me one.
I replied that I actually needed to purchase a printer today, right now.
I asked him about the next model that was priced on sale at $109.00.  
Through a bubble he said it was good and would suit my needs.  I asked him to please show me where the photo paper tray was because I couldn't find it.
When I received no response I turned to him and saw that he was blowing a bubble and gazing across the sales floor at the other sales associates chatting in a group.
At this point I said "photo tray" and he said "uh, oh sorry, I didn't hear you"!
I said "that's okay, we are going to Office Max.  Good bye".

When we got to Office Max we were greeted by the manager who asked if we needed assistance.  We said yes and he said Michael would be right over.
Office Max was also out of stock on the first printer of choice because they had it on sale for $99...amazing!
But Michael went to double check for me just in case there was one in the stock room.  Sorry, he didn't see one.  So I chose another model, also not on the sales floor but Michael again went to make sure and came back with one.  Then I asked Michael if any of the models had a separate photo tray.  He wasn't sure which ones did but he checked every printer to see (about 15 of them and only two had the separate tray and they were expensive). By this time we saw a different model we liked and he went again...with a smile on his face and a nod that it was not a problem.  He didn't have that one but would recommend the one for $109.00 over the one for $119.00.  In his experience the printer was quieter and printed faster.  Good, we will take it.  We also purchased the two year warranty.
The new printer works like a charm!

After we paid we went to leave and couldn't get out the door.
Michael said to wait one minute, the manager was coming to let us out.
We didn't notice that they were locking up when we walked in.
They had been closed for 25 minutes already and we still received excellent service!

Too bad the young man in Best Buy missed the clue...I needed to purchase a printer right now.


judyquilts said...

Looks just like the one we purchased a couple months ago. We are happy with it. I just wish the ink cartridges held more ink. I am on my third one.

Jennie said...

That whole story is so typical in today's world! So few take pride in their work anymore. Kudos to Office Max....I will remember your story the next time I need something.