Friday, September 28, 2012

Yesterday's task complete...

I started my Gifts to Make List as planned.
No, I cannot show the list to you but it is started.
These are some of the items on the list.
(I can show you these because there are no recipient names visible)

Snowman Place mats/table runner
I have a pattern for a matching runner to go with this.
Holiday Table topper
I think this is the pattern I will use for the table topper...maybe!
Christmas Pillowcases (no photo)

Wool Mitten Ornaments

I will bring this kit with me on my trip because it is hand work.

Cosmetic/Electronic Pouches (no photo but cute)
and this for a very special someone...
Purchased this kit at the show in PA a couple of weeks ago.
Is that allowed? Yes it is!

Have you planned your Holiday Sewing yet?

Happy planning and sewing,


Sue said...

WOW ! What wonderful gifts you have planned to make , I really love that pincushion kit you purchased. It is always so Special when you receive a gift from the heart :-D

Yes I have my list written and have already started my handmade Xmas gifts. Lets just hope I get them done in time

Colleen said...

Thanks Sue. I just hope I can get them and all the others I need to add to my list done in time too! said...

Yay for you! I'm all about handmade gifts, but this year all of the gifts I'm making do not involve sewing ~ so much of that for my business! Enjoy your projects:)


Carrie P. said...

now is the time to get ready for Christmas gifts. someone is going to get something nice. thanks for stopping by my blog during the 'leafs' hop. good luck in my giveaway.