Friday, September 28, 2012

Yesterday's task complete...

I started my Gifts to Make List as planned.
No, I cannot show the list to you but it is started.
These are some of the items on the list.
(I can show you these because there are no recipient names visible)

Snowman Place mats/table runner
I have a pattern for a matching runner to go with this.
Holiday Table topper
I think this is the pattern I will use for the table topper...maybe!
Christmas Pillowcases (no photo)

Wool Mitten Ornaments

I will bring this kit with me on my trip because it is hand work.

Cosmetic/Electronic Pouches (no photo but cute)
and this for a very special someone...
Purchased this kit at the show in PA a couple of weeks ago.
Is that allowed? Yes it is!

Have you planned your Holiday Sewing yet?

Happy planning and sewing,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sewing Countdown to Christmas...

Honestly, you can count down to any gifting opportunity but with Christmas only 88 days away this might be the one to count!
I bookmarked this site quite a while ago.
It has many great ideas for prepping for the holidays.
One of the items I like is this form
This is a "fillable" PDF file that you can fill in with the gifts you want to make and print out for reference.

Today I will be filling my list in and checking it twice to see what I have in my stash of
Too Much Stuff! LOL
to make these gifts.

They also have a tab for
so I will also be checking out the Halloween section.
After all, there are only 33 more days until Halloween!

Today I just might find the time to decorate for Halloween/Fall.

Monday, September 24, 2012

And I did some sewing...or I have too much stuff!

Sorry for the late night rant...LOL!
Love my new printer!

I did some sewing over the weekend...
a little machine applique on these...

And I pulled out some of my Halloween scraps to make this...

Next will be stitching the opening closed and adding on the rest of the Orange Jingle Bells...
that's right, I found Orange Jingle Bells.
Where you might ask...oh, in my Jingle Bell Box.

I have too much stuff!

I went to a Baby Shower for a friend from the quilt shop yesterday.
It was wonderful, she is so happy.  Her son was born prematurely on August 24 (? I think).
He is so cute and I might add that I think I saw a smile when he was introduced to his new "Quilting Nan" (that's me!).  LOL
I really was at a loss for a gift because I knew others  were making baby quilts and blankets for her.
Then  I came up with what I thought was a good idea...
A Picture Frame.
So I made a really cute Baby Boy Frame with - what else - supplies I had in my scrap booking cabinet.

I have too much stuff!

Then I looked in my "gifting box" and found a frame for Halloween...
Wrapped that up in brown tissue with a "Boo" ribbon and labeled it with a Star Tag "Peter's First Halloween Picture" with - what else - more stuff I have...

I have too much stuff!

I did the same with a frame I had for the 4th of July..."Peter's First 4th of July"...wrapped in blue check
tissue, R/W/B ribbon, star tag...more stuff I have...

Peter's First Christmas...more of the same...
Peter's First Family Portrait...more of the same...
Then I put it all in a box...that I had...more stuff...
Added in a whole bunch of little boy stickers and buttons and scrap booking supplies...more stuff...
added in a really cute accordion photo album...
Now I have less stuff...but still...

I have too much stuff!

Sorry no pics but the gift was well  received.
Had I thought of it sooner I would have been better prepared (with more stuff).
A great Baby Shower (or even Bridal Shower) idea!
A photo frame for a Year of Firsts each wrapped individually in paper that matches the occasion!

But I just have to say...

I love all my stuff!

Happy Stitching, Scrap Booking, Crafting...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not about sewing...

But I really need to get this out...

It all started when this died...

Yup, my very faithful, never gave me an ounce of trouble
for the past 6 years PRINTER bit the dust.

My husband needed something printed right away.
So we headed to an electronics store.
I won't say which one but it was
Best Buy.

I need assistance with my decision and that's where you might say the troubles began.
Three associates were assisting one customer as I stood there waiting for about 5 minutes.

Then one of them, who shall remain nameless (his name was John) decided to assist me.
I asked him if he had any printers that took "X" brand of ink...since I had some at home.
I don't think he was listening because his response was "what printer do you have at home".
I said none - it died but I was hoping to get a printer that would use the same ink.
Nope, none of the printers they sell took that ink.
I asked him for advice on choosing the right printer for my needs.
I will give him props for asking some good leading questions (all the while snapping his gum).
I answered his questions and he led me to a printer that cost $149.99.

As a side note...this was the printer my husband had already decided on because he liked how it looked!
Mind you, my husband doesn't even use the computer let alone print anything!!!

The printer suggested was not in stock but he could order me one.
I replied that I actually needed to purchase a printer today, right now.
I asked him about the next model that was priced on sale at $109.00.  
Through a bubble he said it was good and would suit my needs.  I asked him to please show me where the photo paper tray was because I couldn't find it.
When I received no response I turned to him and saw that he was blowing a bubble and gazing across the sales floor at the other sales associates chatting in a group.
At this point I said "photo tray" and he said "uh, oh sorry, I didn't hear you"!
I said "that's okay, we are going to Office Max.  Good bye".

When we got to Office Max we were greeted by the manager who asked if we needed assistance.  We said yes and he said Michael would be right over.
Office Max was also out of stock on the first printer of choice because they had it on sale for $99...amazing!
But Michael went to double check for me just in case there was one in the stock room.  Sorry, he didn't see one.  So I chose another model, also not on the sales floor but Michael again went to make sure and came back with one.  Then I asked Michael if any of the models had a separate photo tray.  He wasn't sure which ones did but he checked every printer to see (about 15 of them and only two had the separate tray and they were expensive). By this time we saw a different model we liked and he went again...with a smile on his face and a nod that it was not a problem.  He didn't have that one but would recommend the one for $109.00 over the one for $119.00.  In his experience the printer was quieter and printed faster.  Good, we will take it.  We also purchased the two year warranty.
The new printer works like a charm!

After we paid we went to leave and couldn't get out the door.
Michael said to wait one minute, the manager was coming to let us out.
We didn't notice that they were locking up when we walked in.
They had been closed for 25 minutes already and we still received excellent service!

Too bad the young man in Best Buy missed the clue...I needed to purchase a printer right now.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A little sewing time...

Actually, I didn't sew but I did prepare a project.

While at the show this weekend I picked up a little
package of pre-cut, pre-fused shapes.
Basket shapes to be exact.
With tiny little diamond shapes included.

A.  The little baskets and tiny diamonds are on the right
and the fabric pieces I choose from stash to 
put them on - six 6" squares
B.  Layout choice #1
C.  Layout choice #2 - this was how the seller of the
little kit did her wall hanging
D.  Layout choice #3
E.  Layout choice #4 - that's the one I think I will do
F. (the largest photo) the baskets are all fused
and ready for me to applique

Purchasing the shapes pre-cut and ready to fuse made
this planning process a speedy one.
I will be putting black sashing strips but I
still need to audition corner stones and outer borders.

But first I have to applique the shapes...
By hand -  NO!
By machine - YES!
Process - not sure but I might just do raw edge
straight line stitching around each piece.

Those little diamond shapes are really tiny!

Enjoy the last day of summer...

Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More from the show...

A number of months ago I stumbled on this blog...

Actually, I stumbled on this POST and thought it was so cool and could I do this...
NO - truth is I never did.
I did however bookmark the blog and followed along periodically.
When I saw this article in March I wished I could see this exhibit.

Imagine my amazement when I turned a corner on
Saturday at the PA Show and saw this...

I think I stopped breathing for a second or two!


There were 26 quilts in total selected for the traveling exhibit.
Every one of these is simply stunning to look at
and even more wonderful when you read the story
behind the making of each quilt.

They are calling for more quilts or tops not quilted 
for an exhibit at the end of this month
but I know I couldn't make one in time.

However, I did purchase a few bits of fabric at the show
and will be planning one of my own very soon.
Here's what I purchased...

These are a few Fat Quarters I have in my stash to add...


I encourage you to stop by the 

Happy Stitching,

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza!

On Friday I headed to Pennsylvania
with two great friends for the
Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza...

First, I was really excited to go because I have
been to a quilt show off Long Island...

Second, I knew that I was in
company and the
trip would be a fun one!

Third, who doesn't love a 
trip to Lancaster and

I took a lot of photos...
I purchased a lot of fabric...
I saw a lot of wonderful quilts...
I met a lot of nice people...
I had a lot of fun!

I will post more photos during the week.
For now it's back to reality...
Back to work...
Oh, poor me...
I work in a Quilt Shop.

Reality IS my FUN too!

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are you following...

I have been following the Moda Blog Hop this week.
Many of the designers are blogging about their hometowns.
It's fun to read about places that I have never been to...
and perhaps never will get to!

Oh, many of them also have free patterns posted
and are having giveaways.
If you post a comment you could win a prize!

Happy 'travels' and stitching!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feels like FALL!

Fall is my favorite season!
Now, I know that the end of the week will be warmer.
(I wasn't born yesterday as many of you know!)

But this morning when we woke up the temp was around 50!

Found this blog Burlap and Blue full of fun FALL DECORATING/CRAFTING ideas.

Especially like this one...

Which directed me to Tater tots and Jello for the tutorial.

I also liked this one...

Which sent me to Zemphira's Creations for the tutorial.

There's a few more I think I will try...check them out for yourself!

Have a great almost Fall day browsing, stitching and maybe crafting!


Monday, September 10, 2012


What a wonderful weekend...Saturday was a bit unsettled weather wise but still nice...Sunday was fantastic!

So, I went into the Homespun Basket.
Nope, that's not a store (that I know of), it's an overflowing basket in my sewing room with my collection of Homespun fabrics in it.

I stitched up these 4 blocks and have another 5 ready to stitch.
Today I will decide on two things - sashing fabric and should I do a simple 2 over 2 design or make it larger and do 3 over 3?
Oh, such hard decisions!
(right now my keyboard is driving me nuts...I think it needs a new battery)

I love my homespun fabric, I have a lot of it and need to use it up!
If you like homespun but find it difficult to stitch on the machine here are a couple of tips that I find work for me:
* Use a new size 70 SHARP needle
*always use a leader scrap
*press gently with a dry iron or finger press until the block is together

I also did some hand stitching this weekend.

This is from a  kit I purchased at  the ELIQG show in June from Pinwheels.
I don't think they have it on their website but you could call them.
I still have a lot of stitching to do on this but the Valdani thread is making it an easy go.

Now I am sure you know it is National Sewing Month!
Check out the official website for more info 

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Went to Eastern Long Island Guild...

Last night I was finally able to get to a guild meeting!
This year many of the meeting dates for the meetings have been in conflict with one thing or another and I have not attended for the past 3 months so it felt good to connect again.
I missed some amazing  speakers and some great show and tell.

Well, last night the show and tell was fabulous with some wonderful quilts and totes shown.
And the speaker, well, she was a hoot!
Diane Rode Schneck was our guest speaker.  She is a member of the Empire Quilters Guild and teaches at The City Quilter.

Her quilts and their stories were quite humorous...she does a lot of what she calls Humor Quilts.
I think my favorite was the one she called "Ode to the Diner".
On this quilt she appliqued using the 'broderie perse' technique taking bits of fabric depicting items that you see in a diner; bagels, get the picture!
No, didn't take any photos...sorry.
Diane also has a passion for Dear Jane quilts.

I bet if you Google her...Diane Rode can see/read all about her.
I haven't googled her yet but I will!
The commentary that went along with the quilts was was a great evening.

Thank you Diane!!!

Happy Sewing!