Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post #9 of the 25 Blogs...

Today it's not about sewing.
Are you all familiar with the
Elf on the Shelf?

The best way to tell you about this
tradition is to send you

Many of my nieces and nephews
do this with their children.

I stumbled across
this blog post

Elf on the shelf jokes buttons 345x575 Elf on the Shelf   Printable Joke Cards

Since I don't have an elf
and my husband and I are very well behaved
my use for these...
I have printed them on card stock
and will put one a day taped
to the top of my husband's lunch container
starting Monday.

I think he will get a kick out of it!!!

Yesterday got a little mixed up with
my appointments and so I was running
back a forth all day long and did not get to any
real sewing.

However, PINTEREST sucked me in...
I spent a few hours last night
hunting, pecking and pinning!

You can visit my boards if you like

Happy Sewing, Crafting and Pinning!!!

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Post #8 of the 25 blogs...

Good morning all!
It is a glorious day...
I am having lunch with a friend...
and then it's home to sew!

What more could a girl want
on a sunny, chilly day!

Oh drat, I do have a few errands to run...
Oh well, there will still be 
time to sew!

My paper Christmas Tree has not
been glittered up yet...
today I have to buy some spray adhesive...
but I found a star for the top
while cleaning out the Holiday Closet!

To add the star - take a serrated knife
and gently slice through the top tip.

Then put a little glue in the slit 
and gently push the star in 
a little bit.

Now, these are 3 different ways I could display the tree...
which one do I like?
Cannot decide...
now I have to make two more trees
so I can use all three ideas!

Happy Sewing and Crafting!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post #7 of the 25 Blogs...

Can you guess what this is?

Yup...the new location of
That's were I work...
and we are going to open up again
on Monday, December 3rd.


We are all working very hard to get
the shop ready for our customers!
It is exhausting...but a good exhaustion!

Cannot wait to see all my quilting friends
and make some new ones too!

Today is Day 3 of the

so make sure you visit...
Wooden Spool Designs
Her story for the holidays was very nice
and she has a couple of great old photos that
really brought back memories for me!

Happy sewing and blog hopping,

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post #6 in the 25 Blogs...

Did you remember to visit the first day
of this blog hop yesterday?
I did!

And you can click on the photo to be taken to the link now
I taught myself how to do that!

I didn't get to sew or craft yesterday.
The day was spent at work and then
I was busy getting the house
ready to decorate for
this coming Sunday!

Can I just let you in on a little hint...
my holiday closet is a nightmare.
Just take a look...
This is shameful...
Christmas mixed with Fall and Halloween...
Halloween mixed with Easter...
that poor bunny must be horrified
You get (see) the picture...

I know the sorting of this should be done sometime
in the middle of the summer...

Seriously, I need to do this right this time...
Every year I say the same thing...
Sort through it and toss what is damaged
or not needed any longer...etc...
Well, I really need to do it this week!

The closet is in the guest bedroom and
so the sorting began...
Important Christmas items on this bench...
Ornaments and favorites!
The living room tree, base and topper have
already been put upstairs waiting for the adornments!

Piled by Holiday!
I know that I didn't get very far with it but it is a start.
More tonight!

Happy sewing, decorating and crafting!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Post #5 of the 25 Blogs...

Good Morning!
Here's hoping that everyone enjoyed the weekend.
My son and his wife came on Friday night
and spent the rest of the weekend with us.
Sew I could not!!!

But I did spend many wonderful hours chatting
and having fun with the guests.

While strolling through the Internet searching for
...I actually forget what we were searching for...
we stumbled on this...

Paper Christmas Trees

Okay, so I don't know how to make a pretty
photo the link but you get the picture...
when you click on the link!

Anyway, browsing through these photos sent a
gush of memories flooding the brain.
Do you remember making
Christmas Trees from old Reader's Digest magazines?
I certainly do...what fun!

So here is my version (in the works)...
Step by Step

Step 1:  was to take the cover and back
off the book
count out 30 sheets (pages) and
carefully cut off
by scoring through the glue with a blade.
(Sorry, we didn't grab the camera fast enough)
 Step 2:  fold a page of the book from the upper right
corner (or left if you are lefty I suppose) down to meet the center
Step 3:  fold that same page again bringing the fold created
above down to meet the center
 Step 4:  crease the part that hangs over by rubbing
along it with your finger
 Step 5:  fold it up into the other fold
(or you can just cut it off)
 Step 6:  fold the page back down and then repeat
Note: using a binding clip
(the prettier ones make this fun)
to hold back the already folded pages makes it easier
to manage the process
 Step 7:  start all over again with a second set of pages
 Step 8:  glue your two halves together
...and now we wait for it to dry!

I took a green stamp pad before gluing this together
and rubbed it around the edges to
give it a worn look.
I will be adding some brown to this and then
use spray adhesive and lightly glitter.
For now...we wait for it to dry!
(since I couldn't locate any one of my 4 glue guns)

This is a fun project to do with children
but the adults had a great time too.

Please do not leave any comments suggesting
anger or dismay at my
cutting up a book.

I have the greatest respect
for books and magazines...
those that know me know
that I normally wouldn't even turn
down a corner of a page
to mark my place...even in a magazine!

This book was headed for the recycling bin
so instead we up cycled!

Happy sewing...or crafting!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post #4 of the 25 blogs...

I do hope you all enjoyed a delicious
Thanksgiving Celebration!
And if you happened to venture out to the
Black Friday Shopping frenzy
here's hoping you survived the fury!

Now the Christmas Season can officially start...

Here's a LINK to a Blog Hop that is starting on
Monday for any of you more prim style folks.

This blog hop is sponsored by

and the list of participants
is posted in the link above.

I pulled the list link from Kathy Schmitz' blog
because I couldn't find it on the
Buttermilk Basin blog.
So, if you are interested, mark your
calendars and hop away!

Happy Sewing,

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200th blog post!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Post #3 of the 25 Blogs...


I do have a lot to be thankful for...
a loving husband who is also my friend...
(and he is cleaning the bathroom at this very moment...
he started that just after he vacuumed!)
my wonderful children...wish they were here today!...
a fantastic grandson...miss him so much...
amazing know who you are...

And, we were very lucky to not have a hard time with the storm.
It was tough but we were very fortunate in this home!
For that I thank God everyday!

Wishing you all the best on this beautiful day...
culinary and otherwise!

Here's a link to a stash busting project...
another one on my list!

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Winner will be chosen on Christmas Eve!

Happy Eating...and Sewing!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Post #2 of the 25 blogs...

Hello and welcome to post 2 of my
25 Blogs 'til Christmas!

While running errands yesterday I went in search of
BUTTONS! make 3 of the Snowmen banners from previous post it would cost around $15 for the buttons for the snowman body!
This year it is all about being frugal - and creative.
You'll see what I did in a minute!

But first the photos of progress on my daughter-in-law's banner.
Here's where we were before I left the house to run those pesky errands.
Making three of these cute Slim the Snowman Banners.
I quilted this first one as the pattern suggested; straight quilting across the short distance 1" apart.
Forgot to take a photo but really like the look.
On to the binding but is a look at how I add 'hangers' to the back.

Cut 3" squares...

Press them into a triangle rights sides together...

Place them on the back TOP...make sure it's the top!...with raw edges matching.
They will then get sewn in with the binding.

For this project I sewed the binding to the back and then brought it around front and machined stitched it to the front.  Normally I would sew the binding to the front and then hand stitch it down on the back but for a seasonal item like this...quick and easy does the trick!

Here's a little binding tip you might already do.

I leave about 15" - 18" open between the endings of the binding.
To make this easier to finish the ends I like to pin up the 'slack' in between the sewn ends so that I don't have to struggle with it while sewing.
It's a little thing but that kind of excess bulk hanging out drives me a little bonkers.
(Sort of like the way I feel when turning fabric tubes... it makes me nauseous!)

So here is the banner with the binding in place and all the appliques cut out and ready to hand sew on...minus the scarf...have to dig for my red wool.

 For the large buttons I cut out 1" black wool circles and will applique them down.
Maybe there will be little snowflake buttons sewn in the center of these 
(there are a lot of little snowflake buttons in my button box).
Love the idea of using the snaps for the eyes and mouth...and a lot less expensive than buttons!!!

The plan is to set this aside for the hand sewing to be done while sitting a watching some sappy Christmas movie...addicted to those!  LOL

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Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

25 Blogs 'til Christmas...

Don't panic...
there are more than 25 Days 'til Christmas!
My plan is to blog 25 posts by Christmas Eve.
(notice I said 'plan'...and if you read here often you know that my plans are very flexible! LOL)

Having said is my reason...
This is my 176th post!
So on Christmas Eve I would like to publish my 
200th post...hence the 'plan'!

AND...on Christmas Eve in honor of my 200th post 
(or whatever number I hit on that day) 
I will have a drawing for a surprise holiday gift.
Post a comment on any one of my blogs between now and the 24th post and I will enter your name in a drawing for a special holiday treat!
The more times you comment - the more chances you have to be the lucky reader!

I hope you follow along and have fun 
reading and looking at the photos.
The 'plan' is to post what I am working on 
(and usually not finishing)
links to blogs I like to read/follow, 
links to projects I like, and just plain stuff!

So for my 176th post I am going to share a project I pulled from one of my most favorite magazines...

The project is so quick and easy.  I needed to start it this morning because I have some errands to run today and thought I could go find the perfect buttons and snaps to finish it off.
The pattern is "Slim the Snowman" found on page 42 of the magazine. ADORABLE!
First chore - dig through the holiday stash and pick fabric for 3 of these; the blue snowflake one I started will be for my daughter-in-law,
the green stars might be the choice for my daughter with the darker snowman fabric, and the little snippet of brown in the right corner is for mine.  The navy with the snowmen print will be backings and that green tone print will be the binding for my daughter's.

Now, I say 'might' for my daughter's snowman because in my head I am 
battling doing it in flannel for her.
She might really like flannel.

Did you see the picture of 
"Merry Winter's Night" by Cheri Payne?
That one is going on the it!

Happy Sewing!

PS - remember to leave a comment to be entered to win a holiday treat from me!

Friday, November 16, 2012


For those of you following the plight of my LQS (where I work) after Superstorm Sandy interrupted our business and home lives, here is a glimpse and a link to a story on our shop.
The local paper published the story yesterday.

This is a photo of our shop that appeared in the newspaper and on television.

Angie (the owner) standing outside the shop amid the rubble...

Angie with our very generous neighbor who helped us load the product we could save into a container to move to the new shop!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back to some sewing...

Finally, I have gotten some sewing done...

 Steps to a child's flannel quilt.  

This will be given to a friend in need from the aftermath of "Superstorm Sandy".
Ready to quilt this over the weekend and then bind it.

Made this from a Jelly Roll...ready to trim and look for some great borders to go with it.
Future class at the shop?  Maybe!

Moving on to the next project...what ever will it be?
All I can say is that it involves A LOT of half square triangles!
But the final result will be well worth the effort!

Hope you are sewing!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quilt Donation Information

UPDATED 11-9-2012:  Here is another way to donate...very local!

As a follow up to the last post I can say that I did find a few quilt donation places available if anyone is interested:
Bumble Beans Inc. is very local to the  NY area and they are accepting quilt donations.
Hurricane Sandy Help this is a flickr group set up - you sign up to make blocks and then send them in to Jennifer by Nov. 25th.  The pattern for the block is here.
eQuilter - Hurricane Sandy - 5000 Quilt Challenge They are working with Timeless Treasures to make this happen.  This group had great success collecting quilts after other disasters; Katrina and the Japan Tsunami for example.

...oops...had to shut down because the keyboard was stuck again.

I recommend that you simply Google the phrase 'hurricane sandy quilts' and search out the best option for you.

As for that I have filled my gas tank...I am  going to work on a charity quilt or two and I know someone local who needs them so  I will donate them personally.

Take time to sew for someone!

Monday, November 5, 2012


At home the electric came back on Saturday night and for that we are grateful.
So many families are still without power and many have lost everything.  It is still so sad to see.
I pray every night for all of them.
Our family and friends were so generous during this time and I truly thank them from the heart.
We are getting back to some normalcy around here but the gas shortage will make it hard again.
So please pray that we can all get gas for our cars (and for some their generators) so that those who can go to work CAN go to work.

I haven't done any real sewing to talk about.  I really think I need to make a few quilts for those in need of warmth and comfort.  If anyone knows of a group collecting charity quilts for the Sandy victims please let me know.  Believe me, if I knew I could manage it I would start a group called "Quilts for our Neighbors" and do this.

Please keep our neighbors in your thoughts and prayers!