Tuesday, November 20, 2012

25 Blogs 'til Christmas...

Don't panic...
there are more than 25 Days 'til Christmas!
My plan is to blog 25 posts by Christmas Eve.
(notice I said 'plan'...and if you read here often you know that my plans are very flexible! LOL)

Having said that...here is my reason...
This is my 176th post!
So on Christmas Eve I would like to publish my 
200th post...hence the 'plan'!

AND...on Christmas Eve in honor of my 200th post 
(or whatever number I hit on that day) 
I will have a drawing for a surprise holiday gift.
Post a comment on any one of my blogs between now and the 24th post and I will enter your name in a drawing for a special holiday treat!
The more times you comment - the more chances you have to be the lucky reader!

I hope you follow along and have fun 
reading and looking at the photos.
The 'plan' is to post what I am working on 
(and usually not finishing)
links to blogs I like to read/follow, 
links to projects I like, and just plain stuff!

So for my 176th post I am going to share a project I pulled from one of my most favorite magazines...

The project is so quick and easy.  I needed to start it this morning because I have some errands to run today and thought I could go find the perfect buttons and snaps to finish it off.
The pattern is "Slim the Snowman" found on page 42 of the magazine. ADORABLE!
First chore - dig through the holiday stash and pick fabric for 3 of these; the blue snowflake one I started will be for my daughter-in-law,
the green stars might be the choice for my daughter with the darker snowman fabric, and the little snippet of brown in the right corner is for mine.  The navy with the snowmen print will be backings and that green tone print will be the binding for my daughter's.

Now, I say 'might' for my daughter's snowman because in my head I am 
battling doing it in flannel for her.
She might really like flannel.

Did you see the picture of 
"Merry Winter's Night" by Cheri Payne?
That one is going on the list...love it!

Happy Sewing!

PS - remember to leave a comment to be entered to win a holiday treat from me!


jill said...

I was always such a 'it has to be red and green for Christmas' person, until I made a quilt for friends. It was blue and white, and with snowman print fabric. It changed my thinking. What a cute pattern you are using and I love it in the snowflake fabric. I do believe there is time to change my plans...hehehe.

It is a shocker how soon Christmas will be here.

blessings, jill

sandy quilts said...

I always try to read your blog but can't see it easily on the iPad. The red letters on brown background make me cross eyed :( boo hoo

Colleen said...

Thank you ladies. I will put one entry into the pot for each of you.

@ Jill! I know...Christmas is so soon. Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I told my husband that now the dining room table is Santa's workshop!

@Sandy! Sorry...I will change the lettering just for you!!! PS: Miss you!

judyquilts said...

I love Primitive Quilts magazine too. It's good to see you blogging again. Judyquilts.

sandy quilts said...

I have the magazine too and that snowman is on my list....maybe for next year!