Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post #8 of the 25 blogs...

Good morning all!
It is a glorious day...
I am having lunch with a friend...
and then it's home to sew!

What more could a girl want
on a sunny, chilly day!

Oh drat, I do have a few errands to run...
Oh well, there will still be 
time to sew!

My paper Christmas Tree has not
been glittered up yet...
today I have to buy some spray adhesive...
but I found a star for the top
while cleaning out the Holiday Closet!

To add the star - take a serrated knife
and gently slice through the top tip.

Then put a little glue in the slit 
and gently push the star in 
a little bit.

Now, these are 3 different ways I could display the tree...
which one do I like?
Cannot decide...
now I have to make two more trees
so I can use all three ideas!

Happy Sewing and Crafting!

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jill said...

Oh all the stands you used are cute, but I do like the crystal one the best. Very simple and elegant looking.

blessings, jill

Doniene said...

Ooooo La, La!!! They are all perfect!! But I tend toward the red one!! But I agree - two more would make a wonderful display!!