Monday, November 26, 2012

Post #5 of the 25 Blogs...

Good Morning!
Here's hoping that everyone enjoyed the weekend.
My son and his wife came on Friday night
and spent the rest of the weekend with us.
Sew I could not!!!

But I did spend many wonderful hours chatting
and having fun with the guests.

While strolling through the Internet searching for
...I actually forget what we were searching for...
we stumbled on this...

Paper Christmas Trees

Okay, so I don't know how to make a pretty
photo the link but you get the picture...
when you click on the link!

Anyway, browsing through these photos sent a
gush of memories flooding the brain.
Do you remember making
Christmas Trees from old Reader's Digest magazines?
I certainly do...what fun!

So here is my version (in the works)...
Step by Step

Step 1:  was to take the cover and back
off the book
count out 30 sheets (pages) and
carefully cut off
by scoring through the glue with a blade.
(Sorry, we didn't grab the camera fast enough)
 Step 2:  fold a page of the book from the upper right
corner (or left if you are lefty I suppose) down to meet the center
Step 3:  fold that same page again bringing the fold created
above down to meet the center
 Step 4:  crease the part that hangs over by rubbing
along it with your finger
 Step 5:  fold it up into the other fold
(or you can just cut it off)
 Step 6:  fold the page back down and then repeat
Note: using a binding clip
(the prettier ones make this fun)
to hold back the already folded pages makes it easier
to manage the process
 Step 7:  start all over again with a second set of pages
 Step 8:  glue your two halves together
...and now we wait for it to dry!

I took a green stamp pad before gluing this together
and rubbed it around the edges to
give it a worn look.
I will be adding some brown to this and then
use spray adhesive and lightly glitter.
For now...we wait for it to dry!
(since I couldn't locate any one of my 4 glue guns)

This is a fun project to do with children
but the adults had a great time too.

Please do not leave any comments suggesting
anger or dismay at my
cutting up a book.

I have the greatest respect
for books and magazines...
those that know me know
that I normally wouldn't even turn
down a corner of a page
to mark my place...even in a magazine!

This book was headed for the recycling bin
so instead we up cycled!

Happy sewing...or crafting!

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jill said...

I do remember using the Readers Digest...are they still publishing that one?? I think this is a great way to use up any old book that has seen better days.

Thanks for the tutorial as I did not remember all the steps.

blessings, jill

Doniene said...

How super cute!! I remember making something like that! I think any way to "up cycle" is awesome! Way to go!!


Jennie said...

I not only remember the reader's digest trees, but I taught them to my girl scout troop when my daughter's were members! We spray painted them silver and gold and shook glitter on the wet paint!