Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quilt Donation Information

UPDATED 11-9-2012:  Here is another way to donate...very local!

As a follow up to the last post I can say that I did find a few quilt donation places available if anyone is interested:
Bumble Beans Inc. is very local to the  NY area and they are accepting quilt donations.
Hurricane Sandy Help this is a flickr group set up - you sign up to make blocks and then send them in to Jennifer by Nov. 25th.  The pattern for the block is here.
eQuilter - Hurricane Sandy - 5000 Quilt Challenge They are working with Timeless Treasures to make this happen.  This group had great success collecting quilts after other disasters; Katrina and the Japan Tsunami for example.

...oops...had to shut down because the keyboard was stuck again.

I recommend that you simply Google the phrase 'hurricane sandy quilts' and search out the best option for you.

As for that I have filled my gas tank...I am  going to work on a charity quilt or two and I know someone local who needs them so  I will donate them personally.

Take time to sew for someone!

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