Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little hand sewing!

So Friday I was planning to sew the night away.  When the snow started falling we canceled the Friday Night Sit N Sew at the shop so I decided to sew and warm!
Was not pleased with the block I was working on, finished it this morning and I am still not happy with it so I will get to it again at a later date (maybe Sunday)!
Broke 2 needles in the machine so decided to make some yo yo's!
I have this yo yo table topper that is an ongoing project...I currently use it on my coffee table but some day hope to make it large enough for my dining room table.
Here is the topper...

Here is a photo of the two blue rows I sewed together last night to add to each side & some cream yo yo's to be put on next...

I already sewed today...even though I am not happy with the results!  We are hosting a party tonight for my husband's Karate School so I will be busy all day with preparations for that!
And yes, I still have all my Christmas decorations up...we are having a party for goodness sake!
Actually, I usually leave them up until SuperBowl Sunday...but maybe I will take them down tomorrow...if we have more snow and I am stuck at home.
So...since they go away's a brief peek at some of my decorations around the house...

My Christmas Tree...the top is pretty sparse with decorations...I can't reach and was too lazy to get the ladder!

Over the I can see it all the time!

My Nativity

Over the kitchen sink...makes washing the dishes a pleasure...I made some of these years ago!

Over the microwave!

Atop the refrigerator added just a touch of holiday and of course an angel to watch over me!

You may have seen these before but they rest atop this...

My favorite runner...I didn't make it but wish I did!

And mantle!  Sparse decorating for me this year!

Happy Sewing...and remember "SEW EVERYDAY"!

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