Monday, January 31, 2011

January is coming to an end...

Happy Monday! This one is a little long so grab a cuppa and sit a spell!
I can't believe that yesterday was the last Sunday in January...the month went by in the drop of a snowflake...and that's a good thing because there was a lot of snow this month!
The sooner winter is over this year the better. Generally I love all the seasons (with spring and fall being my favorites...especially fall) but this year...winter not!
Sunday I worked on Block 5 of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt Along...Kansas Troubles!
Here's the link...
I am not terribly pleased with my color choices on this one but will leave it for now and wait to see how it works with the other blocks later on in the year.
Now, I bet you are wondering what it's sitting in...the owner of the LQS that I work in gave each employee this great box as a Christmas Gift and I think it is the perfect place to store my Civil War blocks...don't you! I adore this box and will be keeping it on display in my living room for all to see! (All is really just hubby and me but, oh well, it's still there!)
After completing this block I really needed to get to some "utility sewing". My poor ironing board cover was on it's last leg...see...
Isn't that just awful?!? I promise it was pretty at one's a Laura Ashley! So I proceeded to make a new one...Laura Ashley watch comes a Colleen Taylor!!!
Armed with some Kwik Trace (pattern tracing cloth) a sharpie, scissors, tape measure and 2 yards of really cute fabric FROM MY STASH...perfect for a sewing room...I proceeded to make this...
It came out great! Only one problem...when I took the old one off I discovered (whodda thunk) that it was reversible!
So, what is the outcome? Here are a few points to review:
  • Look before you leap
  • Laura Ashley is on top again
  • Use the pretty Laura Ashley cover because it is so light and airy against the dark and dreary winter!
  • Save the new one with the cute spool of thread fabric for later
I must admit that mine did come out really well for a "let's try this and see how you do project"!
Now I can make a new one whenever I want because "I know I can"!!!
And that folks was my day! A happy ending!
Remember...Sew Everyday!

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