Friday, October 1, 2010

A little gift for my daughter...

This week I visited my daughter and grandson in Maryland.  She mentioned that she couldn't get to all her decorations because they are stored so far back in the crawl space.  They are preparing to put their house on the market and removing all signs of real know, the personal stuff all the "house for sale" shows tell you to remove because no one will buy your house if they see your wedding picture!!!  HAHA
What happened to the days when you went to see a house for sale and actually IMAGINED what it will look like when YOU added YOUR personal touch!
Anyway, I started this for her last night.  Just have to back it and quilt it and bind it!

Halloween Candle Mat
I know that she will like it!  I am also working  on a door knob hanger for her.  I will need to finish that too.  Hopefully I can have my husband get this stuff into the mail by Wednesday!!!

That's all for now...HAPPY SEWING!

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