Monday, May 23, 2011

I stepped on the grass...

...explanation required!
Those who know me know that I really do not like to step on the grass (or the sand at the beach, etc...).
Now, don't get me wrong ~ I am a country gal, not a city gal ~ just don't like to step on the grass!
Love to look out the window and see beautiful snowfalls, sunny days, even rainy days and yes the green grass and the pretty flowers.

About 2 years ago I asked my husband to pull out or move an azalea bush that never grew.  It drove me crazy because it was sparse and not pretty.
Yesterday I caught a glimpse of something pink outside my office I stood up and took a closer look.  It was that darn azalea bush, in full bloom standing about 5' tall! 
Yup, it sure did grow this year!
Well, I jumped up and ran outside, walked on the wet grass (imagine that) in my flip flops (wet toes, ewey), with my jammies on (yeah, another NEVER in my book) to get a picture of this amazing pink!
Now, I know this is just an azalea bush but it is a beauty!!!

It was a good day for me ~ lots of cleaning and prepping for my family visitors that are coming on excited.
And the baby quilt for the shower gift is all pieced and ready to layer and quilt.
Here are a few photos of this quilt in progress...

The "theme" for the baby's room is Jungle and the colors are green and brown.  I had these fabrics in my stash and was able to adapt the pattern to fit the fabrics.

This is from original pattern I designed on EQ6 called "Raspberry Chocolate Jumble Strips".

That's all for now...Happy Sewing!

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