Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost Home

I am typing this on my tiny little lap top while I sit a baggage claim at LGA waiting for my husband to pick me up.
I just spent the week in Idaho visiting my daughter and her family.

Since I miss her so much each and every day the visit was wonderful and leaving was painful.

This is downtown Victor, Idaho.
I arrived about the same time as the new puppy...tough competition.

She is cute and really was very well behaved...for the most part!

My daughter and I did some sewing.  We finished the little lap quilt I started her for Halloween.  By the end of the night on Monday it was quilted, bound and in the laundry ready to use this week.
On Saturday we went to a fun Fall Festival at a local nursery.  The nursery was amazing, the hayride was fun and the kids had a great time dressing up in their Halloween costumes.  My grandson was Darth Vader.
Here he is painting a pumpkin.  I will post a full on photo later on.  (Hard to find on this little lap top).
On Sunday we drove to Yellowstone National Park and had a wonderful day.  I will post some photos from that venture later too.  But I can tell you we were up close and personal with a Bison.

We had a great week and as I left this morning they had their first snow of the season.  It wasn't a lot but it did make the drive to the airport a little treacherous...but everyone is safe!

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jill said...

I understand you miss your daughter, but it looks like she lives in a very nice town. Hope that is a bit comforting.

Loved the photo of the bison, although it did make me a bit hungry. Bison meat is the best, little to no fat.

Enjoy your weekend.
blessings, jill