Friday, June 15, 2012

Red, White and BRIGHT!

The Hunter Star Red and White quilt needs another border and then it is ready to quilt.
This will be a class I will teach at the LQS in August so that will have to wait.
Last night I cut strips for a red outer border only to discover
under the light of the sewing machine that they
are definitely two different reds.
I will add the last border when I get the time but for now...
...we look like this!

So, that's the red and white... for the BRIGHT.
Here is what is on my cutting board tonight.

This is for a class being taught by my good friend Alice.
The second half of the class is a week from Tuesday
so I have to complete the strip sets and cut the block units.
The quilt is from the book "Bargello with a Twist"
and will be very pretty, and very bright.
A little out of my comfort level as far as colors go but
I am really looking forward to seeing how it looks when it is done.

Happy Stitching,


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Great looking little quilt, Colleen!! My favorite size.

Will look forward to you finish.

Carolyn :)

Colleen said...

Thank you Carolyn! And thank you for visiting my blog. I picked the border for the Hunter's Star and cannot wait to get a chance to put it on.