Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Post #12 of the 25 blogs...

Everyone needs a "Kissing Ball"
at Christmas!

I remember my Mother hanging Mistletoe 
every year around this time.

She would hang it in the passage between
the living room and dining room.
I wish I had it today...
she hung a plastic 50's version of the real stuff...
Wouldn't that be so cool?
I would hang it in my house today if I had it!

But...a substitute would do!
Found this Blog post
with the cutest fabric Mistletoe ever!!!


Great and easy tutorial on the blog link above.

Here's a problem...
why do I find these great
things in December?

No time to make it all...
and then you forget for next year.

Maybe I need to make a
Holiday 2013...14...15...
To Do List today!!!!

Happy Sewing and Smoochin'!

Remember to leave a nice comment
to be entered into the drawing
on my Christmas Eve 200th post!

We had a wonderful re-opening day!
It was fantastic to see so many loyal
customers and quilting friends...
the shop is amazing!
Thank you all for the well wishes!


wr said...

very cute! I saw a wreath made out of book pages with glitter on the edges - you make it like a grandmother's fan pattern and then put it together in a wreath - also works with greeting cards! Thought of you. Love the shop - closer to home means more opportunities for trouble for me! Good to see you yesterday!

jill said...

Oh how funny! I'm afraid even a two year to do list still would not work for me. I too, always find things to do right before the holidays or birthdays. I must thrive on pressure.

Love the kissing ball, thanks for sharing.


Doniene said...

I love mistletoe - and we have the "real" stuff here in Texas! I picked a bunch for a arrangement! I'll have to hang some in a doorway soon!