Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post #16 of the 25 blogs...

Today is 12-12-12!
Lots of weddings today...
easy for the husband to remember
the anniversary!

The local news is showing couples
getting married all day today.

Good luck to all of the newlyweds!

For me...I am in LOVE!
Yup, in love...
with bias binding that is!

I have only done a bias binding
once a number of years ago
and cannot remember liking it.
Well, now I am in LOVE!

A friend showed me how to cut
the binding the other day
and it seemed easier than that last time.
I went home, cut the binding strips,
sewed them together,
sewed it onto my project and...
have I mentioned yet...
I am in LOVE!

I was so excited about it
I actually sewed it to the
back of the project by mistake.
Hand sewing to the front
very carefully so stitches wouldn't show
wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Will I do bias binding in the future...
cannot wait to do it again!


Closet pic before...remember that mess?

The after!

The right hand side is all organized and labeled.
The left side wall will be for Christmas only...
and for hanging wreaths and signs.

The green bins stacked on the left of the 
after photo are Christmas bins that 
my son (who is visiting the rest of the week)
will bring upstairs for me
to finish decorating for Christmas.

More views from inside the Holiday closet...

The rest of the trees need to come out too...
and the stack of crates with some more
There was a lot of trash...believe me!

Happy Stitching and decorating!

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judyquilts said...

I'm impressed, taking on an organization project during December.

jill said...

It was a light bulb moment for us when a friend showed me the correct way to make bias binding. My way had not been fun. Love the table-topper, so cute.