Monday, December 17, 2012

Post #19 of the 25 blogs...

It is so hard to believe that Christmas Eve
is one week from today!
Amazing how the time goes
by so quickly...
for the Santa folks...
not the kiddies I am sure!

This weekend was a
busy one with 
getting the house decorations
up and getting to some sewing!

Today I will send a 
package off to my daughter
and her family...

and this guy will be in there!
Finished him last night.
I used a checked homespun
for his scarf...
I know my daughter will like that!
He looks so cute on my back door...
hope I can finish mine for...
oh, New Year's maybe!!! LOL

I also thought the wreath on the front door
looked in need of a finishing touch.
Made this ticking stocking
and added it to the bottom...
Now I like it!

Just a quick reminder that
the Primitive Christmas 
Handwork Blog Hop
is still going on.
Today you can visit
Her post wasn't up as of yet but
I am sure it will be up soon.

Happy Sewing!

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on my Christmas Eve 200th post!


Doniene said...

I'm sure your daughter will love the Slim Snowman!! He is adorable!! And the stocking on wreath is perfect!!! What a nice touch!

Have a great day!

Sheryl-lyn said...

I love your snowman!! He will be so happy in his new home. Love the wreath too. Great idea about the stocking on the bottom!

sandy quilts said...

I wanted to make those snowmen this year but......didn't get to it yet! Love that one. Cute wreath also- never saw a star shaped wreath before.

Tammy said...

I love that stocking on the wreath--Perfect! You know, I was thinking about putting a stocking over my wreath when I made the kiddos their stockings. Hmmmm....I may do it :)