Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Post #20 of the 25 blogs...

Today is the day...
I mailed the Christmas Gift Package
to my daughter and her family!
I was stumped by what to send for
my son-in-law and then I remembered
a photo I took of them on a day trip
to Yellowstone back in October.

The frame; metal with moose surrounding
the picture.

My ability to properly print
said photo...

First attempt...printed a nice 
photo on the wrong side of the photo paper...
Second attempt...

So the photo in the frame is the one
printed on the wrong side of the photo paper.

Oh well!  It still looks adorable in the frame.

Sent the Slim Snowman...
I know, love this and need one for me!
My husband saw it hanging when he came home last night
and really liked it too!
And he rarely comments on this stuff.
I will make one for Colleen!!!

Sent off the ornament...
put a homespun hanger on it and
forgot to take a photo.
Here is what it looked like before...

Then I packed a whole bunch of small things from
the dollar store for my grandson...
Coloring books, a calendar,
a hand sanitizing bottle in a little holder
to clip on his backpack...in a Spiderman case no less!
(my daughter will love that...she is always using this stuff)
Some Christmas candy, two sandwich containers for school;
one "CARS" and one "SPIDERMAN".
And more...he loves all this little stuff and should
have fun opening it all.

We did order and ship some big gifts too.
I think we might be in trouble in about a week...
We shipped this...
Product Details
(note:  that is not my grandson...just and advertisement photo)
SHHHH...don't tell!
Do you think we will get in trouble!
It only goes 5mph...not too bad...
He is going to have fun with this!

Happy Gifting!

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