Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is winter here?

It's chilly outside and there some rain/snow is winter here?
This isn't going to be a big snowstorm today.
Just a little mix with perhaps an inch or so with slippery roads this evening.
That's what the weatherman is saying.

This week I didn't do a lot of sewing, I did sew everyday but not marathon sewing.  Minor small stuff.
I have an awful stiff neck, which now I am realizing is a really stiff shoulder that is causing a lot of pain.
Cannot imaging what I did to aggravate it.  So annoying.

I am participating in the February Small Quilt Challenge with Kathleen Tracy again this month.
Another quilt from her book Prairie Children and their Quilts.

On schedule so far.  Last night while waiting for the husband to bring home pizza I pieced all the squares and after pizza put the rows together.
In the book it is the Broken Dishes Quilt but she encourages you to expand and offered an alternative red and white option with an embroidered heart in the center.  I didn't want to do the heart because I will keep this out all year long.  Loving the red and white.
I hit up my stash of 30's prints and added some shirting scraps and a red/white star scrap for this.
My challenge now is to decide on the borders.
The red inner border is a go but I am thinking of a few others from my stash for the outer.

Decisions...decisions...what's a girl to do?
Top/bottom/left/right?  Not sure.
Or perhaps this other choice...

I think I have narrowed it down to the bottom and the "other choice" seen above...

What do you think?

Have a great Saturday.  I am off to work and then a night in with my sewing machine.

Remember, take time to sew...I do.



marian said...

Hi Colleen, i understand your dilemma, sometimes we've got just too many choice huh..LOL!! i really like the fabric to the left in the second photo, i like the larger floral against the solid red inner border..makes a nice contrast.
However, if you have narrowed it down to the last two photos then my choice would have to be the one in the last pic. I'm sure whatever you decide will look lovely :)) cheers, Marian

Miss 376 said...

I think the bottom one too. I found it hard trying to work out which fabrics I was going to use too

Elyte said...

HI Colleen I just popped over from SQT. As I am still agonising over the binding for January quilt I am not one to advise.
The borders all work well you just have to decide on the "look" that you want. General advice for choosing fabric seems to be to go with your first instincts. Either way you will have a love little quilt to enjoy all year round. Good luck.

Bonnie said...

Hi Colleen -- also from SQT. Hum, I don't like the look of different borders with this little quilt ... too overwhelming. I am torn between the one on the left like Marian likes and the bottom one. This little quilt just sings to me. I need to get in gear and get mine cut and sewn. I did make the center heart and it's waiting for a place to be shown off!

Deb said...

This is my new favorite from you : ) I think any of the borders would work, they each just create a different "feel". I'm sure you'll choose the best one for YOU.

Colleen said...

Thanks all! I believe that I am going to use the little flowers in the last photo for the border. Now all I need to do is find the time to sew it! said...

Guess I'm no help because I like them both! Such a beautiful quilt:)