Friday, November 26, 2010

I wish I had some elves!

There are 29 sewing days left until Christmas...I wish I had some elves!

With Christmas fast approaching I have a lot of projects to get moving on.  My  "TO DO LIST" has not seen a lot of activity but I am trying! 
Yesterday I was able to complete piecing the little topper for my daughter.

Today I will decide if I want to add a border or just finish this off as is.
I just love it and want to make some more!  But wait...they aren't on the list.  They will have to wait until I have time!  See, if I had even just one little elf to assist me I could make more!
What would my elves do?
  • Clean the house
  • Wash the dishes
  • Cook the meals (I bet that would be sugar cookies!)
  • Do the laundry
  • Pre-cut fabrics for projects
  • Magically wind my bobbins
  • Go to work for me?...No, I don't think so!
Since I don't have to be to work until 4pm today I can try to fit in some sewing.
First I must get some cleaning done and run a few errands.  That will mean battling the Black Friday shopper frenzy.  The errands really have to get done today (Bank, PO, etc...) so I have no choice.
Happy Sewing!  29 days and counting!


Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Love the topper ... What is the pattern?

Leslie's Itchin to be Stitchin said...

I think your quilt is from a lil twister?, just purchased it myself and am inspired by your Christmas quilt. Love it and can't wait to try one too

Colleen said...

Thank you ladies! The tool is the Lil' Twister. From CS Designs. I posted about it in a previous blog. A basic pattern comes with the tool but I changed the layout to be a little larger. must start yours'. It is so much fun!

Quilt Hollow said...

I have that tool and made a little quilt too with Jo Fall fabrics. It is fun and yours adorable.

sandy quilts said...

I love this quilt - hope you teach it in a class!

Madame Samm said...

this is lovely my dear..think of sending it in to stash manicure for March's banner...

Jean said...

Ben got me the template for christmas (thanks for all the help ;) now you have to show me how to use it :)

Linda J said...

Your quilt is lovely! I was looking for ideas for using the larger of the two twister tools and found your quilt on pinterest. I was also interested in how the base squares were set before "twisting"

I hope the person who got the quilt is enjoying it!