Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still no "ELVES" but lots of sewing to do!

Happy Sunday Morning!
There is plenty to do today, I don't think I will be leaving the house at all!
My husband said he is going to decorate the outside after he gets home from karate ~ YIPPEE!
That means I will be putting up the Christmas Tree!
Then I can spend the next week decorating little corners of the house as I go...I like to take my time and add little touches here and there.  I never put everything I have out; that would be impossible!  I do have some favorites that go out every year!

After the tree trimming it will be time to quilt this (it is ready to be quilted)!
This is "Yoshi's Secret Garden"!  A lap quilt for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas.
I made this entire quilt from scraps and stash shopping for this one!  Well, maybe some shopping in my fabric closet!  And that's the "secret"!
Yoshi loves flowers and is sight impaired...she will tell me she can smell these flowers, that's how sweet she is!  She will love this!
Have a great Sunday and Happy Sewing!


sandy quilts said...

Beautiful Colleen! I'm sure your mother-in-law will love it!

Sheryl-lyn said...

That is a gorgeous quilt!! Your mother-in-law will be so thrilled!