Monday, November 22, 2010

Twisting the Night Away...

Sunday was a very productive day for sewing!  FINALLY!!!
My husband didn't feel well so I sent him to bed and he slept for about 5 up for dinner and went back to bed for the night!  (He feels much better today.)
I worked on a cute sample for the store; wish I could show you it but the design is copyrighted and I don't have permission as of right now to show it.  BUT trust me, it is adorable!!!

Then I took a break to work on what I am going to call "Christmas Twists"!  I decided that I might not get my daughters quilt started :( much less completed and she did ask for a table topper so...the birth of "Christmas Twists"!  I started with some scraps and cut them into 5" squares and assembled them into this.

And I really liked that a lot so I had to sit and ponder the fate of that little top before I proceeded to the next step.  That was REALLY hard to do!  But I pulled myself together and twisted away.  And after I started to build and saw this...

I was glad I continued!  :)  HAPPY...HAPPY!

This was done using a tool called "Lil' Twister" by CS Designs.
Now I cannot wait to see the finished product.  I want to give it to her when I see her on December 8th so she can use it through the holiday season!
Another WIP added to the pile.  I like to have a few of them going so I don't get bogged down into one project.

Happy Sewing!!!

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Farmhouse Blessings said...

That's amazing! Just as pretty as can be.