Monday, November 1, 2010

Time for a list...THE HOLIDAY TO DO LIST!

Now that Halloween is over and November is here I decided that I needed a HOLIDAY TO DO LIST!  Hopefully that will help me accomplish finishing the gifts I need to finish for Holiday Gifting!  They say (who are "they" anyway) that if you put it in writing you make a commitment.  Well, I will give it a try but I promise there will be last minute purchases because something is bound to be left undone!!  HAHAHA...or is that HOHOHO!
Here are a few that I can finish for gifts that have the tops already completed...
3D pinwheels...needs quilting!

Star Sprinkles...needs a border (stumped) and then quilting!

Japanese Geisha's...needs a border and quilting!  Cannot find the perfect black for the border and it really needs to be black!

Who will get these?  I really haven't decided that yet.  Someone on the list perhaps!
You can view my list on the side bar...maybe you are on it!
Happy Sewing!!!


Deb said...

Put me down for the Star Sprinkles : )

Colleen said...

Oh is just the colors you adore!!!