Friday, November 12, 2010

Making Progress...not sew much!

Sew yes...I am sewing and working on my LIST but I must admit to not having progressed as far as I had hoped.  Here is where I am with the "Snowball" throw.  This isn't the final layout because there are 8 more colors to be sewn.  16 colors in all and I cut 6 blocks from each color so I have a total of 96 blocks to be sewn.  But I have a on...

Original plan was to have the rows 8 blocks X 10 blocks.  Let's start by changing that to 6x6 or 7x7.  The larger size will be too big and more than I want once the planned (in my head) borders are added.  Having said that, I have enough blocks cut and ready to sew for TWO lap quilts using this fabric.  SEW...two lap quilts could be a good thing.  All the cutting good!
I have been working on a few other projects but I can't show them yet.  One is for the shop so that's a bit of a secret and the others are not ready for the lime light yet!
Happy Sewing!!!


Jean said...

This is going to be so beautful!!!!

Colleen said...

Thanks Jean! I hope so!